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    Short Beam Stress Concentration

    Hi there Are any one familiar with tables of stress concentration factors, or the like for short beams for different span/depth ratios. My beam is technically not a beam, but I would still like to estimate maximum bending stresses related to normal stresses caused by bending moment (sigma...
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    Motor Torque Requirements (Hub Motor)

    Hi ! I really hope that someone can help me with this one. It should actually be straight forward, but somehow these calculations really just … Well, perhaps I am just making things way too complicated so I really need a fresh view on things, so I really like to hear some of your inputs, thx...
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    Bending in structure. Small vehicle frame.

    Hi I need help for this structure. It is loaded as shown - point E and G is wheels added as free bearings. I need to know the bending in Beam AD and also EF. I tried isolating beam AD and see it as an statically inderteminant beam to the second degree - but i am not sure this is the right...