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    Schools Graduate School in Chemical Physics

    I'm currently a junior at large state school and am a biochemistry major. I started college in a cell biology major, then realized how much I hated cell biology classes (although I remain fascinated by the chemical reactions and complex chemical structure in living things) and how much I loved...
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    Picking up calculus again after 2 years?

    I'm a biochemistry major (chemistry focused, not biology focused program) and I have just completed the fall semester of my junior year. I completed my first semester of physical chemistry (chemical thermodynamics) and I really enjoyed the mathematics. My major only requires calculus 1 and 2...
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    Pursuing a PhD in Chemical Biology?

    When I started college, I was a biotechnology major. I found this major be a dumbed down version of molecular and cellular biology, so I decided I wanted to switch out of it and major in biochemistry and molecular biology focusing in biochemistry, the problem was that I had already taken two...
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    Algebra Based Physics vs. Calculus Based Physics

    When I entered college as a freshman, I was in a biotechnology major, which was one of the less rigorous science majors offered at the university. It required only algebra based physics. I took classical mechanics spring semester freshman year, and I took electricity, magnetism, light, and...