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    Uniform approximation

    Function f(t) specified on [t_0;t_1] has a necessary number of derivatives. Find algorithm which can build uniform approximations of this function with help of partial sums: \sum_{i=1}^{N}\alpha_i e^{-\beta_i t}. That is, find such \alpha_i, Re(\beta_i)\geq 0 satisfying the expression...
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    Curious problem with resistors

    We have an infinite net of regular hexagons. Each side of hexagons has a resistance R. What is the resistance between two opposite vertexes of hexagon(s)?
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    Saturability by smoothness

    Sorry for my English. :) Let function f(x) defined on [a,b] and its table f(x_k) determined in equidistant interpolation nodes x_k k=0,1,..,n with step h=\frac{b-a}{n}. Inaccuracy of piecewise-polynomial interpolation of power s (with the help of interpolation polynoms P_s(x,f_{kj}) on the x_k...
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    Help to find limit

    Please, help to find limit: \lim_{n \rightarrow \infty} na(n), where a(1)=1; a(n+1)=\frac{a(n)}{1+\left|sin(a(n))\right|} Thanks for any ideas!
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    Myuon decay

    [SOLVED] myuon decay First, sorry for my English. I'm not very well in it... Please, try to understand. I wrote this problem in "Introductory Physics", but some man sayed its not "introductory", so I decided to post it in "Advenced Physcis". The problem. We have reaction: \mu \rightarrow e...
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    Disintegration of a particle

    First, sorry for my English. I'm not very well in it... Please, try to understand :) The problem. We have reaction: \mu \rightarrow e + \nu + \tilde{\nu} We know energy of myuon - E. Question: Find the maximum and the minimum energy of electron. My attept: Conservation of energy: E =...