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    Extended euclidean algorithm and Chinese Remainder theorem

    Homework Statement Solve x \cong 1 mod 7 x \cong 4 mod 6 x \cong 3 mod 5 by (and I have to use this method) using Euclidean algorithm to find the largest common divisor, then the extended euclidean algorithm to find a linear combination, then a solution to each of the three...
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    Medical Combined antiretroviral therapies are not deadly toxins

    Combined antiretroviral therapies are not "deadly toxins" A new study on the safety of long-term exposure to HIV/AIDS medications concluded that they "[...] found no evidence of an increased risk of both all-cause and non-AIDS-related deaths with long-term cumulative cART [combined...
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    Equation with fractions

    Homework Statement Solve the following equations: \frac{1}{x-1} -\frac{1}{x-2} = \frac{1}{x-3} - \frac{1}{x-4} Homework Equations See above. The Attempt at a Solution Rearrangement gives \frac{1}{x-1} -\frac{1}{x-2} - \frac{1}{x-3} + \frac{1}{x-4} = 0 Conversion to...
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    Being Too Pedantic?

    If someone asks me what the area of a circle is, should I respond: (1) pi*r^2 (2) As a circle in the plane is defined as the set of all points in the plane that lie r units from O, so it does not technically have an area, but you probably mean the area of the surface that the circle...