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    Time dilation

    Homework Statement spaceship 3 meters wide, v= 2c/3. (a.) calculate ships time, (b) sq. root factor, (c) earth's time, (d) ships displacement, (e) lights displacement, and (f) which clock "runs slow" Homework Equations a. Ts=(3m)/c b. square root 1-v^2/c^2 c. earth's time = answer a/b...
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    Capacitor dealing with exponential forms, please email me or IM so i know you replied

    1. A capacitor where C=1X10^-5 F and R= 1X10^6, there's 1000 electrons on the plate at t=0. How would I find the number of protons after 2 seconds? 2. half life= .7Tm, mean life=RC [b]3. I put the R and C values in to get the mean life and got an answer of 7 seconds, and than to...
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    I have a few questions, this one is special relativity.

    1. On his 25th birthday, the astronaut twin leaves on a long space journey at an average speed of v/c= 0.98. He returns after 20 earth-years have elapsed, to celebrate his earth-twin's 45th birthday. Compare their biological ages. 2. 1/ square root 1- v^2/c^2, My teacher is using v/c...