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    Programming for research physics

    I'm applying for some REU's later on this year and I'm wondering whether knowing a programming language is necessary, and if so what book(s) I should get to learn. Also if anyone else has done an REU, is there any other skills or outside school actives I could do to increase my chances of being...
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    How to study?

    I've been a pretty good student all my life, been in honors classes, AP classes and what not, gotten A's and B's without putting much effort in. I'd read over something once and remember enough of it to get by, but now that I'm in college I'm starting to realize it isn't quite enough anymore. So...
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    How to find the pH of HCl and NaOH combined.

    Homework Statement I have .100mL of .100M HCl titrated with .100M NaOH, Theres a chart I have to fill in and I'm completely lost. I have the volume of NaOH(from 0ml-200ml) I have to find the total volume of the solution, I get that, moles remaining of solution molarity of remaining solution...
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    Computer science: Learn now or wait

    I'm taking a computer science class in the fall, and I figured I could get a jump start by watching a couple lecture videos from the various universities that put them out online, but in a couple of them they said it'd probably be easier for the people who don't know anything about computer...
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    Programs B.S. in physics, but what minor(s)?

    I'm majoring in physics, and possibly getting my business degree within the 4 years. I would like to work at an engineering firm, or a power plant. So I was considering minoring in an engineering, like electrical or mechanical, but I'm open to others. What would be the best engineering to minor...
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    What to do?

    I've had a love of physics since the 4th grade, and still do. The job prospects aren't too exciting for just a physics degree, so I was wondering what i could do? I was planning on getting my Bachelors in Physics, and then either going into medical school for medical physics(not really into...