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    Three forces on a box in different directions what is the acceleration

    Homework Statement Force A 250 degrees @ 200 N Force B 150 degrees @ 300 N Force C 50 degrees @ 400 N mass = 40kg mew = .14 what is acceleration Homework Equations Fa^2 = Fy net^2 x Fx net^2 Fn = Fg Ff = Fn x mew Fnet = Fa - Ff F= ma The Attempt at a Solution Fax=Cos...
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    Stopping distance and time of a vehicle

    Homework Statement The coefficient of friction is .48. The brakes are applied to a 1.05 x10^3 car travelling at 95km/hr. How far does the car move before it stops ? How long does it take for the car to stop? Homework Equations Fg = Fn, Fa= u x Fn, a=Fa/m, d=Vf^2-Vi^2/2a, t=d/v The...