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    Computer Architecture for the Simple Mind

    All, Forgive me if this is not the right area of the forum, but it seems like it might reach the broadest audience here. I am looking for an introduction to computer hardware (and perhaps more generally, modern electronics) for a scientist. I am looking for something beyond what one might...
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    Problems with giving talks

    All, I consider myself an extroverted person. I am comfortable interacting with large groups of people. As a teaching assistant, I am comfortable in front of a class. Recently though, I have developed a strong sense of panic before giving talks. Today I was slated to give a talk in front of...
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    Would you video record the police?

    Often times a police officer's work is difficult. Sometimes it is even very dangerous. However, there is evidence to suggest many police interactions with the public involve the excessive use of force. From wikipedia: The report can be found here. Many citizens have begun to video...
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    Medical Struggles With Hypochondria and Anxiety

    Hello General Discussion, I am a graduate student in physics in a very good US program. I have maintained perfect grades and begun what i consider rewarding research in an exciting new field. I have an excellent relationship with a loving girlfriend and enjoyable hobbies on the side. In...