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    Extended euclidean algorithm and Chinese Remainder theorem

    Homework Statement Solve x \cong 1 mod 7 x \cong 4 mod 6 x \cong 3 mod 5 by (and I have to use this method) using Euclidean algorithm to find the largest common divisor, then the extended euclidean algorithm to find a linear combination, then a solution to each of the three...
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    What are you currently reading?

    Currently reading the new edition of "An Introduction to Behavioral Ecology" (4th edition) by Davies, Krebs and West as well as "An Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Skills and Applications" (2nd edition). I am thinking of getting the Kindle version of "Dogmatism in Science and...
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    News Keeping Anders Breivik happy.

    There is an important difference between fit to stand trial (i.e. you do not have a severe psychiatric disorder that prevents you from taking part in the trial itself) and criminally accountable (i .e. not having a severe psychiatric disorder at the time of the crime). Only the latter is...
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    News Keeping Anders Breivik happy.

    That is not quite true. He can be sentenced to containment ("forvaring"). After 21 years, if the prisoner is considered to be a danger to society, his sentence can be increased by 5 years. After those 5 years, it can be increased by 5 years again if the threat to society is believed to still...
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    Hate Biology

    In my anecdotal experience, get a good textbook on the subject.
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    How would we know if a new species evolved

    There are plenty of observed instances of speciation and the fact of common descent does not depend on observing speciation.
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    Medical Long term evaluation of ADD treatment

    In general, whenever you hear sweeping claims about how "psychiatric medications are ineffective" (despite being well-tested in clinical trials), you are dealing with anti-psychiatry. This talk about long-term effects are also usually an attempt at shifting the goal posts, increasing the burden...
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    Medical Combined antiretroviral therapies are not deadly toxins

    Combined antiretroviral therapies are not "deadly toxins" A new study on the safety of long-term exposure to HIV/AIDS medications concluded that they "[...] found no evidence of an increased risk of both all-cause and non-AIDS-related deaths with long-term cumulative cART [combined...
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    Medical Legitimacy of ADD/ADHD (scientific discussion)

    It is probably due to both increased awareness and expansion of diagnostic criteria for ADHD has been expanded. So you cannot naively compare apples and oranges and conclude that the actual rates of ADHD has skyrocketed. Actually, the increase in the diagnosis of autism is not due to some...
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    Medical Legitimacy of ADD/ADHD (scientific discussion)

    No. Mental conditions are not diagnosed based exclusively on what "society decides is normal behavior", but rather based on the three Ds: distress, dysfunction and deviance. The two former is often focused around the individual, whereas only the latter has to do with what society deems deviant...
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    Why is fluoride toxic to bacterial cells?

    The corrosive part is, to put it simply, the hydrogen ion, not the fluoride part. Also, you are confusing fluoride (F-) with fluorine (F2).
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    Are GM seed fears realistic?

    This is actually a well-known myth. First of all, no one is forcing farmers to buy seeds. They are more than welcome to continue using their own seeds, buy regular seeds from seed companies, use seeds from seed banks etc. Paying for GM seeds is not qualitatively different than paying seed...
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    Text(s) for Relativity for Poets course?

    Schutz ""? It is a bit expensive, but could potentially cover a lot of what you are looking for. I found it broad and deep, delegating the parts with more math to special boxes that can be skipped without missing the overall message. Not...
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    Medical Cellphones vs cancer risk - WHO press release

    You are absolutely right that available background knowledge strongly favors a rejection of a causal link between cellphones and cancer. However, you have a very simplistic view of cancer; the last 20 years or so of cancer research has shown that it is more to it than merely DNA damage...
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    What Has Understanding Evolution

    The OP is (or ought to be) referring to the lack of historical merit for the Draper-White thesis (a thesis which is largely discredited as far as modern historians are concerned), rather than persecution for heresy. There are plenty of times where individual religious authorities or groups of...
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    What Has Understanding Evolution

    The "evolution does not have any practical application, therefore not valid science" argument has been around since at least the 1980s and refuted thousands of times since. Here is a short list of practical applications. Index to Creationist Claims: Claim CA215: The theory of evolution is...
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    What Has Understanding Evolution

    You clearly do not even know what Neo-Darwinism even means; it was mainly the synthesis of common descent and Darwinian adaptation on the one hand and population- and statistical genetics, on the other. Modern evolutionary biology, or post-synthetic evolutionary biology, also incorporates things...
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    What Has Understanding Evolution

    There are no dots to connect. Evolutionary biology concerns such as common descent and biological diversity. It is not a moral philosophy, but a set of descriptive statements about the world around us. Therefore, it cannot be used to support any given moral philosophy, good or bad. Actually...
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    Is New Scientist credible?

    Naming an issue on evolution "Darwin was Wrong" issue was a incredibly bad call, giving creationists just what they where hunting for. The issue did not of course support creationsm and topics were among other things horizontal gene transfer, which Darwin never discussed, making the selection of...
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    What happen to our mitochondria when we take antibiotic like tetracyclines?

    A general answer could be that the mitochondria have a double membrane that does not easily permit the antibiotics to enter the organelle.
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    Equation with fractions

    Homework Statement Solve the following equations: \frac{1}{x-1} -\frac{1}{x-2} = \frac{1}{x-3} - \frac{1}{x-4} Homework Equations See above. The Attempt at a Solution Rearrangement gives \frac{1}{x-1} -\frac{1}{x-2} - \frac{1}{x-3} + \frac{1}{x-4} = 0 Conversion to...
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    Potential energy and ATP synthesis

    If you put water into a U-shaped pipe with a semipermeable membrane in the middle and then pour a lot of NaCl in the right opening, the water will move from a lower concentration of ions to a larger concentrations of ions due to osmosis. This will raise the surface level of the water on the...
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    Why do we care if we offend people?

    People tend to conflate their beliefs with their identity, and criticisms of beliefs is interpreted as an attack on that persons identity. This seems likely for things like religion and politics, where you not only subscribe to beliefs inherent in X-ism beliefs, you become an X-ist. I think I...
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    Being Too Pedantic?

    If someone asks me what the area of a circle is, should I respond: (1) pi*r^2 (2) As a circle in the plane is defined as the set of all points in the plane that lie r units from O, so it does not technically have an area, but you probably mean the area of the surface that the circle...
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    The Life You Can Save

    Singer is primarily a utilitarian (not a rights theorist) and believes in the reduction of suffering. If it is the case that he supports euthanasia, then he most likely does this because it allegedly causes less suffering than being severely disabled and supposedly an act of great mercy. This...
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    Fritjof Capra, Crackpot?

    Generally speaking, Capra promotes quantum mysticism, which is more or less a bastardization of quantum mechanics. This is clearly visibly in books such as The Tao of Physics, where he appeals to accidental commonalities in language as if these where profound similarities or connections between...
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    News Palin 2012?

    The biologist and philosopher Massimo Pigliucci suggests that Palin is, in fact, a creationist, due to the fact that The relevant quote from Plain: Palin also rejects global warming, calling it "snake oil". She also...
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    A link showing clear evolution of a human being

    The creationist "answer" to why so many scientists accept evolution has already been "provided" to them by "prominent" creationists such as Kent Hovind and Ken Ham: scientists are predominantly atheists who need to come up with a way to explain away the existence of divine creator. In fact, many...
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    A link showing clear evolution of a human being

    Creationists, following Lubenow in the creationist tirade Bones of Contention, tend to dismiss any talk of H. Neanderthalensis as "merely humans with rickets". However, the signs of rickets differ from Neanderthal fossils in many ways: people with rickets are often have weak bones due to...
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    Please explain this paragraph from The Selfish Gene

    Mary Midgley made the same objections back in the 80s, saying that she saw no point in attending to Dawkins, thinking it unnecessary to break a butterfly upon a wheel. Dawkins rebuked her for being condescending and not understanding the value in a useful metaphor. When we say that genes is...