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    Engineering Dynamics: Normal-Tangential Components

    Homework Statement A race boat is traveling at a constant speed v0 = 130 mph when it performs a turn with constant radius ρ to change its course by 90°. The turn is performed while losing speed uniformly in time so that the boat's speed at the end of the turn is vf = 116 mph. If the magnitude...
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    Reactance and Impedence

    Homework Statement I just want to know why the reactance of a capacitor is 1/LC rather than 1/\sqrt{}LC? Homework Equations 2(pi)f = 1/sqrt(LC)
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    Standing waves - which instruments are closed-closed, open-open, or open-closed?

    Homework Statement Okay. So I'm sort of confused about the concept of determining whether an instrument is closed-closed, open-open, or a flute, guitar, sax, oboe, clarinet. For example, is a clarinet a closed-open instrument because your mouth covers the entire mouth piece and...
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    Derivative proof by induction

    Homework Statement : Let f1,....fn be n functions having derivatives f'1....f'n. Develop a rule for differentiating the product g = f1***fn and prove it by mathematical induction. Show that for those points x, where none of the function values f1(x),....fn(x) are zero, we have g'(x)/g(x) =...
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    Math/Science/philosophical Leisure reading books

    Can anyone recommend any leisure reading books related to math/science? i.e. elegant universe by brian greene or feynman, etc.