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    Newby-Question about ICEs

    complexities often mean that the system wont be able to be used in practice, especially in something like a street car. Mechanical engineering covers such a broad array of topics that no man could master them all. The higher up guys are often quite specialized in what they research. The...
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    Newby-Question about ICEs

    Since detonation isnt really all that simple of a phenomenon, my guess is that if you dont want to talk to anyone about it, you're going to have to man up and start testing. Without talking to a combustion engineer, I doubt you're going to get a concrete answer on what the compression ratio...
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    Newby-Question about ICEs

    its not really safe to assume any particular maximum compression without considering engine design, as the compression ratios where detonation occur vary depending on spark timing and engine design. you might have an old truck that that detonates on 87 octane with 9:1 compression, or a modern...
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    Electric Flux through an Infinite Plane due to a Point charge

    I have a feeling that you're in my class. anyway, thanks for the tip, doc al...