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    Insights It's Elemental. The Periodic Table quiz - Comments

    4/12 no guessing here, eh
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    What's different between a receiver & transmitter antennas?

    I assume it is a 1000 km diameter circle target on earth, then. Rather than a 1000 km2 target?
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    Automotive Car that can you drive forever

    Regenerating electricity by braking is appx 40% eff. (according to jurassictest,ch) accelerating electricly is appx. 75% eff. Friction and aerodynamic losses are about 12 kwh pr. 100 km (Leaf 2013 figures). That's not counting heat and air conditioning. Then calculate power additions from solar...
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    I How much time do we occupy?

    A very short time at bigbang time may be long here,, Wich is good, I suppose.I didn`t understand the question.
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    Distance comparison

    This is likely a stupid question: If an object just inside the Hubble-sphere is travelling at a speed relative to earth of 99% of lightspeed away from us, will the light it's sending towards us be at lightspeed or 1% of lightspeed?
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    Mythbusters: Blow your own sail

    Last time we discussed this, we weren't allowed to say suck... I probably missed the train here, but I'll post anyway. I just wan't to agree to rcgldr and Andrew Mason's statements that there are forces that pulls the boat backwards. There is a low pressure volume behind the boat, caused by...
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    Question About 3D Printing and Cancerous Liver

    Well, still a synthetic implement, though human cells grew on it. Which is good.
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    Hair Loss cause and treatment

    I was on a treatment on excemption from approval, for a while. It seemed to work, but my ass got fatter, and it was expensive, It supposedly reduced di-hydro-testoterone-levels in head-skin.. "Pro-pecia" it was called. I don't rememer who made it, but they would have made some money.. I decided...
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    Question About 3D Printing and Cancerous Liver

    That's an Ikea synthetic nano-throat, not a real organ with living cells. I dear say not quite organ-like, as questioned. Some road to be paved, I expect. Not principally impossible, though pig organs may be more realistic, for now.
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    Is there a limit to wind power?

    Windmills and solar are actual contributions to future electricity solutions. They are much smaller, and require a vast reduction in total consumption, if they'ra gonna replace fossile and nuclear. Hydro will buffer solar and wind on the grid. Artificial hydro-drops will possibly buffer some.
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    Work-Energy Theorem Algebraic Representation

    Slapped in the face by definitions, once again. I don't like trick questions too much. A question making my answer correct, would have been a considerably better question. Apologies to Chrismartin33 for my conclusive descriptions. And thanks to ehild for explaining the question in terms that...
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    Work-Energy Theorem Algebraic Representation

    Presuming there's no wind-resistance involved in what is described as "static friction", friction-overcoming work is proportional to distance travelled. So work per meter travelled is constant, and is a sum of work to increase speed, elevate mass, and to overcome friction. Then some equation...
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    The most beautiful song from a video game

    I tried to find music from my days with computer-games, and stumbled upon this video. Not memorable music, but reflects well the difficulty of the game.
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    Differences between otto and diesel

    Dear cjl and mech-eng, I accept error. I was thinking compression ratio 19:1 and 10:1 (poorly remembered figures from car-magazines read 20 years ago). With heat from compression, and off cylinder-walls/head, pressures are wrong in my approximation. Apologies to you both, and to anyone who's...
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    Differences between otto and diesel

    Diesel-cylinders have a maximum cylinder-compression before detonation of appx 19 bar, petrols 10 bar. In a diesel, fuel is introduced into the burn-chamber at high presssure at the detonation-time(s) desired, into air allready compressed by the piston (and turbo, usually). Fuel ingnites on...
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    Telescope Optics

    No tilts uninteresting
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    Determinism and Free will

    A cat washes, it raises it's hairs to look bigger. It pisses on the corners of it's territory, it communicates vocally with other cats and it's owner. A cat has self, but not too much reflection on the matter. Nor has a child. I'm with octelcogopod on this one. Genetic development of the...
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    News A Little Reminder and a Request

    Lisab: I think your request and reminder both are called for. Some have said more than they wanted to. Combattants, remember: -Concluding on non testable matters is difficult, scientifically. -Self censorship doesn't violate the freedom of speech. -Less is more
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    Unbelievable knex ball machine

    Incredible spectacle. In a heartbeat, my lego fly prison with elevator and automatic electrocution is turned ordinary and medieval. I also love the music. Does anyone know who wrote that? A young Thomas Newman?
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    Are there any good viruses for human beings?

    Our reproductive system (formation, mating, and cell-dividing of sex-cells) looks and works very similar to the same processes of coccidiosis, protozoan simple animals. Does that mean we have originally evolved from such organism, or have we borrowed this vehicle of mating through evolution...
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    Question on conservation of momentum

    The force on the weight from your body is higher initially, because your body decelerates to zero speed. The weight measures the force of deceleration + gravity, and shows higher value till center of mass of the system has stopped, and deceleration has ceased. To second: Energy is preserved...
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    What is the most efficient small-scale low-temperature heat engine?

    The more effective measure would be to trade the glow-bulb for an equally bright led light, consuming a fraction of the 100 watts (apprx. 10 watts). Carnot-efficiency exceeded, by trading heat for electricity, not making heat in the first place. Your approach towards energy-efficiency is common...
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    Weight at different height forklift

    What is the safe operating speed of a Ford Mustang? I'd say it depends on the conditions. If you drive a forklift-truck at 30 degree slopes at 40 km/h, your load shoud be lighter, your turns more gentle, and load elevation shoud be lower, compared to operated in walking speed at a flat...
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    Damn centrifugal pump

    Size matters. Apart from that, the question asked was somewhat obscured in unclear words, and unrelated phrases. The better followup-question would be: "What?".
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    Damn centrifugal pump

    I'd go for the larger pump, obviously. Best value.
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    News Great speech by Obama

    Politicians represent people. In a ratio to how much money they represent. More 12 years single malt.
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    Centrifugal vs centripital

    Yes, but 1st, as much