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    Engineering Stress increases after yield stress?

    I need to know why the Engineering stress increases after reaching the yield stress point, and continues to increase until reaching the UTS. Am I correct when I remember that there is strain hardening that occurs along the region from Yield stress to the Ultimate tensile stress? Engineering...
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    Chemical PCP found in older Electrical Transformers

    I worked for the Public Utilities company last summer, and we were tasked with taking inventory around the entire city, of all the transformers. We wrote down as much info as we could about the transformers, including Serial Number and whether or not it contained PCP's. From what I understood...
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    Velocity of Fluid flow due to gravity

    I am designing a system for an engineering project at school. It's essentially a clock to be powered by water turning a mechanical system of gears (not generating electricity). Imagine a rectangular basin full of water placed at some height above the ground. There is a hole in the bottom...