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    Brain Teaser

    It's the German. First of all, this is the Einsten quiz, so the German might be a hint. Second of all, if you work it out, it's simple.
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    Lagrange multiplers question

    Yup, it all looks right to me.
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    Integral problem

    Hopefully this helps. It's the right answer. I checked it in my computer algebra software too. integral sqrt(r^2-(h cos(t)-a sin(t))^2) (a cos(t)+h sin(t)) (h cos(t)-a sin(t)) dr = 1/4 (h cos(t)-a sin(t)) (a cos(t)+h sin(t)) (r sqrt(-2 (a^2+h^2-2 r^2)+2 (a^2-h^2) cos(2 t)+4 a h sin(2...
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    What 'drives' time forward?

    there is no such thing as time. just a figment of our imaginations. Albert Einstein was the smartest man to ever live and he said time is just an illusion.
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    Calc 1 topics to prepare for Calc 2

    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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    Compact Operators on a Hilbert Space

    that's not right...
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    Calc 1 topics to prepare for Calc 2

    Take it from someone who took calc 2 at the nations' #1 engineering, math and science college. Calc 2 is full of integrals (finding areas, volumes), derivatives, series' (Taylor, Maclaurin), and sequences. Focus on those 4 things and you're sure to do well.
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    How To Check A Simple Structure Design?

    it's basic statics. look it up. easy stuff
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    Rearranging equations

    Simple. Take 2.5/1.27 and get 1.969 Take 1.969 and raise it to the (1/.45). You get 4.507.
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    Why did the warm civilizations decline?

    cuz it got cold...
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    How many languages can you speak?

    English, spanish, german, french, japanese, chinese, hungarian, philipino, dutch, vietnamese, arabic, portugese, punjabi, and italian...all languages i wish i could speak but can only speak 2 of them :)
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    Listening to Spanish

    If you are listening to an instructional tape where they say the words in spanish AND english, then it might be beneficial. But if you're just listening to spanish speaking tapes, forget it. You can't learn that way. If you really want to learn spanish, try Rosetta Stone. It's expensive, but...
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    Is Psychology and social science really a science?

    Here, maybe this will help a little. "What is the definition of science?" Answer that and you'll quickly answer your question too.
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    Self-teaching Calculus?

    Well, I took Calc I, II, and III my freshman year of college so I know what material you want to know for sure. 1. Basic derivatives (1st order, 2nd order, etc..) 2. Series (Taylor and Maclaurin) 3. Limits (need this before you do series) 4. Convergence/divergence 5. Trig identities...
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    Hard Calculus Word Problem

    Well, your first mistake is using the velocity function as your speed function. Velocity IS NOT the same as speed. Speed is the magnitude of velocity. You should probably fix that first. Everything else will fall into place as you go along.