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    Relativistic problem ?

    I was thinking, Suppose there are three boys in one room. A B C. They time there watches perfectly with each other. In each of their watches the time is 6:00. Boy A starts flying around with velocity {[3^(1/2)]/2}.c.........he flies and boys B sees that the time on A's watch is ticking...
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    A simple question.

    A 12 volt battery is short circuited. what would be the potential difference between its terminals?
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    Which of the following particles would have the shortest wavelength?

    which of the following particles would have shortest wavelength provided that all move with the same kinetic energy? electron, proton, neutron, alpha paricle? My professor said in class that it was alpha particle, but i think its electron... which one is right? and why?
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    Whats the Concept behind change of electric/magnetic flux ?

    Whats the Concept behind "change of electric/magnetic flux"? What i mean to say is that, i understand the concept of "change of distance", "change of time" and other changes and other time rates.... but the "time rate of change of electric flux" really confuses me. Does change of flux mean...
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    Is Postive Electric Field at high potential or Negative electric field?

    What i mean to say is, for example we have two plates, one positive the other negative... By convention the positive is said to be at a higher potential than the negative one.. But what if i put an electron between these two plates. The electron would obviously go towards the positive...
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    When an Electric field does work on a charge, which equation should i use?

    Consider an positive electric field and a positive charge, q inside this field. Suppose the FIELD does work on this charge and takes it from point A to B. Now i am trying to figure out what sign i have to put with this work.. which equation should i use here? W= - (delta V) x (q)...