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    Describing a region using spherical coordinates

    Homework Statement Describe using spherical coordinates the solid E in the first octant that lies above the half-cone z=√(x2+y2) but inside x2+y2+z2=1. Your final answer must be written in set-builder notation. Homework Equations ρ = x2+y2+z2 x = ρsinφcosθ y = ρsinφsinθ z = ρcosφ The Attempt...
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    Gauss's Law Problem: long, cylindrical charge distribution

    Homework Statement Consider a long, cylindrical charge distribution of radius R with uniform charge density ρ. a) Using Gauss’s law, find the electric field at distance r from the axis, where r < R b) Using Gauss’s law, find the electric field at distance r from the axis, where r > R...
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    Gaussian surface (infinitely long cylindrical conductor)

    Homework Statement An infinitely long, cylindrical, conducting shell of inner radius b and outer radius c has a total charge Q. A line of uniform charge distribution Λ is placed along the axis of the shell. Using Gauss's Law and justifying each step, determine. A) The Electric Field for r>a...
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    How do i figure out area under the the red-brown line graph?

    Homework Statement The figure below represents part of the performance data of a car owned by a proud physics student. (The horizontal axis is marked in increments of 2 seconds and the vertical axis is marked in increments of 10 m/s.) (a) Calculate the total distance traveled by computing the...
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    Conservation of Linear Momentum Problem (Need help)

    Homework Statement A 4.60-kg ball, moving to the right at a velocity of +2.31 m/s on a frictionless table, collides head-on with a stationary 9.80-kg ball. Find the final velocities of (a) the 4.60-kg ball and of (b) the 9.80-kg ball if the collision is elastic. (c) Find the magnitude and...