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    Air equivalent of rail gun possible?

    If a rail gun works by having an object that moves along a path, where either side has opposite charge, could that same principle be applied in air? I am not talking about an ion thruster, that already exists. I am saying, if wasting energy was not an issue, could it be possible to charge the...
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    Magnets strength/repel, total movement?

    Hey guys. Not a homework question. If two magnets have the same friction, same mass, etc. But have different strengths. and they are arranged so that they will repel each other, how will they move in relation to their starting points? Will they both move 1/2 the distance of the...
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    BEd degree - magnetic generator - help with design

    Hey guys - I am doing my BEd degree. I'm going to get this out there right off the start because it will save a lot of issues. Please don't take this the wrong way, it's simply the truth as I know it. I am doing my Bachelor of Education, to be a teacher. As a teacher, based on my 'teacher...
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    Help me find the shape

    Hey guys. I am trying to find a shape that suits my needs. The amount of vertexes can be any, but the fewer the better. The edges are special in that each end has an A or a B. like this A------B I need the vertexes to have more A than B inputs from edges. I need all vertexes to...
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    Forces in a circle from similar charges?

    Hey guys, New here. It's been a while since I've done any physics. I've been playing around with some mental work in my head and I am trying to figure out why something doesn't work. I know it shouldn't work, but I can't figure out the why. What I am talking about is utilizing similar charges...