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  1. Quentin_alex

    What could be causing this microstructural difference?

    Hello, I have two rebar samples of virtually identical chemical composition of 0.27 wt%C, 1.2 wt%Mn and 0.033 wt%V that are A706 grade. The rolling mill parameters are essentially the same yet I am seeing differences in pearlite size upon microscopy. The billets used to make the bars are...
  2. Quentin_alex

    Discontinuous yielding in a low alloy steel

    What could prevent the discontinuous yield (upper and lower) points during a tensile test on a low alloy steel A706 grade? Thanks.
  3. Quentin_alex

    Co precipitation of ceria-zirconia-lanthana catalyst support

    My question concerns the resultant particles of a co precipitation reaction. What effects occur when you accelerate/decelerate a co precipitation reaction? What are optimal conditions (speed, etc.) for this process? I am interested primarily in the effects on the resultant powder. Thank you.
  4. Quentin_alex

    Differential scanning calorimetry of nylon 6

    Hello, I ran a test on an industrial composite of 30% glass-filled nylon 6, and my melting temperature peak is too low. The range was from -30 C to 275 C. Why could this be happening? Should I suspect the sample pan? Thanks.
  5. Quentin_alex

    Engineering Materials engineer in the military as a civilian

    What is it like to work as a materials engineer as a civilian with the Department of Defense?
  6. Quentin_alex

    Chemistry Chemistry, material science, and med school

    Hello, I am currently a materials science major going into my junior year. I recently gained interest in medical school (specifically anesthesiology and radiology) However, I do not know if this is going to be the plan yet for me. I am thinking about changing my major to chemistry, so that I...
  7. Quentin_alex

    Engineering Mechanical or Materials for Automotive Research

    Hello, I am wondering if getting a mechanical or materials PhD will grant me more access to industrial automotive research opportunities. I understand the difference between materials and mechanical, but I am wondering if there's greater opportunity in materials research related to automotive...