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  1. slick_willy

    Jobs in audio amplifier circuit design?

    Hey guys (and ladies), I am a junior year EEE student at CSU Sacramento and am hoping to get a job in audio amplifier design as a career after graduating. I have always loved music and electronics and working in this field would honestly be like a dream come true. As far as my experience in...
  2. slick_willy

    Enclosed floating aquatic 12v car-audio amp system

    Hey guys so I have had this idea for an electronics project for a long time, and it basically goes like this. It's a floating speaker box for floating on the river when we are rafting. Design considerations are that it would have to be unsinkable (as much as possible), also loud and with a...
  3. slick_willy

    Why does atmosphere rotate w/ constant angular velocity?

    Hey guys. I've seen this question asked on a few different forums, and I understand the basic gist of the answer but I am not yet satisfied with what I have read. People seem to have varying degrees of understanding of this, and I am the type of person that wants to understand things 100% and...
  4. slick_willy

    Hey guys, what should I review for these EE classes?

    Hello electrical engineers and hobbyists of PhysicsForums! This is my first post (I think... I might have posted before) and I am a junior-year EEE student at a local University. I have some free time this summer and want to study/review some concepts to be fresh when I need them for my...