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    Choice of Math Classes

    I agree with this post. Differential Geometry.
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    Picking up calculus again after 2 years?

    You should be fine. If you're worried about not remembering how to do something, review your calculus notes/exams if you still have them, or just look online for a review of some sort. If you still have your calculus book, perhaps doing some review problems wouldn't hurt either.
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    Continue with mathematics?

    LOL, that was a good one. Yes, keep your head up. Sometimes it takes awhile for things to finally sink in. A friend of mine was in a similar situation -- he never fully grasped calculus and ended up getting a C in the course, but whenever I help him, he seems to understand better. Sometimes it...
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    Post your spring schedule here!

    Pretty standard schedule. • Calculus 2 • Computer programming • History • Sociology Overall 14 credit hours.
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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Well, I'm still currently a physics major and C201 is computer programming 2; therefore, it requires a previous programming course and A201 is an intro to programming 1. (I know it's weird.) So if I like computer programming then I may consider changing majors, but for now I'll stick with...
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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Alrighty then. :D Now I'm taking 16 credit hours total: • Calculus 2 • Physics 2 + lab (calculus based physics.) • Sociology • Intro To Computer Programming I'm just afraid that I'll be biting off more than I can chew, but since it's college I'll have to get used to taking a course load. So...
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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Thanks guys for the replies. I found one more class that fits into my schedule: • CSCI-A201 Intro To Computer Programming I (3 cr.) "Fundamental programming constructs, including loops, arrays, classes, and files. General problem-solving techniques. Emphasis on modular programming...
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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    I agree. It seems like a class for those who've never dealt with computers before.. Which would probably be a pointless class.
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    Programs Changing majors from Physics to Mathematics or CS?

    Hello, I'm in need of some advice.. I'm currently majoring in physics, but I've been thinking about changing my major. I'm in physics 1, and struggling because I have a bad professor who can't seem to teach the class.. I originally wanted to go to grad school to continue my studies as an...
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    Worried that I might fail Physics 1

    I'm doing both -- re-reading my lecture notes and solving problems. I know that if I still have an A- in the class that I'm in a good place, but it still upsets me that I did poorly on two exams.
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    Worried that I might fail Physics 1

    That's my problem. I can't figure out why.. I can do the math, but it may be the concepts or something. I plan on talking to my professor tomorrow because he wants people to talk to him about the test if we did poorly.
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    Worried that I might fail Physics 1

    Hello, I am in such disbelief right now, so disappointed in myself. I've failed two of my physics midterms and we only have one midterm left before the final. I've studied for both and I thought I knew what I was doing, but apparently not. The class average for both tests have been a 75%, C+...
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    Physics trouble

    I'm in the exact situation as you are. I'm in physics 1 and it's calculus based. I too have no issues with the math, the math is a breeze. I just don't know, my professor isn't really that great and we have a lot of engineering students in the class. Our last two test averages was a 75%...
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    Programs Considering majoring in physics

    I have a similar situation to yours, but I am a physics major. I'm a sophomore as well and I honestly find my physics 1 class to be a bit daunting. We just had a test this past week and I honestly think I did better on my calculus test than my physics, lol. The math is easy, it's the physics. I...
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    Suggestions for testing into higher math classes

    Khan Academy is also good: Work out the problems at your own pace, have your private tutor look over your work, etc. For Organic Chemistry there isn't much math at all, it's mostly memorization and conceptual. For Analytical Chemistry, I am not entirely sure, since...
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    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science? (Pursuing PhD)

    Have you tried looking at the colleges website? On the transfer application, there should be an option, if not I'm sure you can tell your advisor once you switch to your new school that you're pursing your BA.
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    Initial Review of iOS 7

    I actually enjoy iOS 7 on my iPhone. I don't use Safari browser, I never really cared for it, but I've been using Google browser for months, not chrome. I agree about the home swiping, but I've gotten used to it over the course of the few weeks. One of my favorite features is kind of hidden...
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    A bit frustrated regarding my studies and progress.

    I am exactly in your shoes. I feel the same way. My calculus class seems easier than my physics 1 class. My problem is similar to yours; however, I get the concepts, it's just when it comes to problem solving that's when it makes me frustrated. It's applying those concepts to the problems...
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    Programs Not sure if I should major in math

    As for your first reason, that is just a score you got on your SAT, don't doubt yourself over that. I'm a physics major and when I was in high school, I didn't do so hot on my SATs, but that didn't stop me from doing what I love. Plus the other issue was that I always get nervous on standardized...
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    Programs Opinion on Geology majors?

    Yeah, Purdue is usually deemed the science/engineering school and IU is usually liberal arts/music/business school. I would have gone to Purdue, but it's too far away and it personally didn't appeal to me.
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    No, they don't sadly. :(
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    Yes, I usually read the lab that we are doing that day the night before and on the day of the lab a few hours before class.
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    I see your point. Labs are important, I understand, I just need a better approach in the labs I suppose.
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    Yeah, I've never worked well in groups either. I usually take forever trying to set the problems up, just to make sure I have everything right. I usually prefer to work alone. Thanks!
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    You are absolutely right. It is all opinionated, some people prefer math to be harder or vice versa. Thanks for the advice.
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    Physics 1 harder than Calculus 1?

    Thank you. I'll make sure to take a look at that thread sometime this weekend. I can't right now because I'm on my iPhone and it doesn't support LaTeX, sadly. :(
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    What the Fox say?

    You're welcome. I'm sure you can look up funny vines on YouTube. I'm positive people have uploaded vines to YouTube, of some sort.
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    What the Fox say?

    Vine is an app for iPhones and Android phones. Vine is just a 6 second video app pretty much. I usually just get on to view funny videos, I rarely post videos.
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    What the Fox say?

    LOL. I actually saw the vine posts way before the actual video until this past week when a friend told me about the video. So I decided to force myself to watch the whole video and I was like, "What on earth did I just watch?!" I must admit, it was catchy, but annoying.