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    How do I manage how much of each subject I study?

    Well, for my day schedule, I spent weekdays solely on homework and my studies. I come home after school and some activities around 6:00 PM. And from 6 to 10-11 I do my homework first. So any problems, essays, etc that are for school I do. The rest of the things that I do are: SAT prep AP...
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    Did your parents pressure you to pursue a certain career?

    Did your parents pressure you to pursue a certain career?? I'm 16 and a junior in high school and it's crazy. My parents are pressuring me to be a doctor it's not even funny, lol. I try to reason with them and I really don't understand why they think doctors are such "god-like" people, lol. I...
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    Solving csc x + 2 for 0

    [SOLVED] Solving csc x + 2 for 0 Homework Statement "Solve csc x + 2 = 0 for 0 <= x < 2 \pi Choices are: A. \pi/6 and 5\pi/6 B. \pi/6 and 7\pi/6 C. 4\pi/3 and 5\pi/3 D. 7\pi/6 and 11\pi/6 Homework Equations csc x =2 sin x = 1/2 = 30 degrees = \pi/6 The Attempt at a...
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    Question about simplifying this equation

    tan x/sin x + 1/cos x The choices are A. 2tan^2x B. 2cosx C. 2cosx-1 D. 2secx Do I make the tan sin/cos and multiply by reciprocal of sin? I did that and end up with 1/cos + 1/cos
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    I have to self-teach myself Physics help PLEASE

    Well, I'm a junior in high school and I decided to take Physics. A regular introductory class where the highest level of math that our class knows is Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry. But our teacher is insane. He gives us problem sets as if we're AP Physics. He gives no notes, no textbooks. He tells...