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  1. smokingwheels

    Mylar sheet, 1 sq foot charged to 20 KV, clap to discharge

    Please delete if not allowed. The teacher charged a 1 square foot sheet of mylar sheet up to approx DC 20 kv one day long ago in school via an modified EHT output of a TV. I had one of my mates hold it by the corners in line with my hands, I then judged and guessed and clapped it with both...
  2. smokingwheels

    Is it possible to deflect or modulate a FM Transmission?

    Can you use a speaker to influence a FM analogue radio transmission no matter how small? The speaker and antenna where about 2 m apart. The PC has an audio AMP added in of 20 W. see Drawing not to scale.
  3. smokingwheels

    Involves Slot Cars , Transformers and 2 cars on each track

    I had a new slot car race track with step down transformer given to me by my Grand Parents for a birthday present. One thing I did notice, is the car with the lowest internal resistance motor used to go faster, well that's what my Dad told me at the time. I found this to be very true on a...
  4. smokingwheels

    Whats the rule for a Secondary of a transformer VS Rectification metho

    I seem to remember my lecturer talking about Transformers and Rectification methods and there ratings for different modes of operation (25 Years ago). I bought a book called Understanding DC Power Supplies By Barry Davies and I cant find any reference to my question in it. The question is...
  5. smokingwheels

    Is reducing an engines fuel consumption by 85% impossible?

    I expect to be shot down in flames but I don't mine one bit. I have just done a bit of a drive in my 28 year old Nissan Bluebird Wagon about 10% city 90% HWY....NO Fancy EFI systems or direct injection here just a plain old carburetor running slightly rich at idle. I just did a rough...
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    Frequency to period adjustment in program loop calculation

    Homework Statement Adjust a program loop so frequency will change linearly with a keyboard increment or decrement. The current calculation adjusts about 40 counts in the delay loop but when the frequency gets high the step is frequency is very large with each decrement in the loop. A...
  7. smokingwheels

    Calculate Thermal Indicated Thermal Efficiency Of An Otto Engine

    Homework Statement What is the indicated thermal efficiency of an engine? Fuel used in total 42.61 cc/min @ 1730 rpm. Fuel used to get to 1730 rpm = 29.16 cc/min no load. Fuel left = 13.45 cc/min to do approx 4.335 kw at 1730 rpm approx 40.95 kph Fuel heat content 34.8 kj/l...
  8. smokingwheels

    Is this a good rule of thumb for engine exhaust temperature

    I have done a basic test on my car at idle and have found that the exhaust pipe temperature just hits 100 deg C eg boiling point of water 1050mm away from the exhaust port. Is this a good guide to exhaust gas temperature? Can you compare other engines using this method? I also can hang...
  9. smokingwheels

    Heat engine efficiency calculation

    Homework Statement I have an spark ignited engine and after modifying it I have improved the efficiency. What is its efficiency at idle? Fuel consumption at 650 rpm = 9.8 cc/min measured Fuel consumption at 750 rpm for normal engine = 25-30 cc/min estimated for about 5 HP Normal engine...
  10. smokingwheels

    Does the Carnot heat engine law apply to an internal combustion engine?

    The law says that the maximum thermal efficiency of a heat engine can be 88%. If I have and internal combustion engine using 9.8 cc/min instead of 25 to 30 cc/min and the other accepted figure is a 2L 4 cylinder engine for idle is it uses approx 5 HP of fuel just just to idle. So I am doing...
  11. smokingwheels

    If my car is 56% better on fuel than can I say this?

    If my car goes twice the distance on the same amount of fuel, doing twice the distance the friction and wind resistance is double. Can I say my engine uses fuel 4 times more efficiently? Or is it only double? My thinking behind it comes from Ohms law, if you double the voltage you get 4...
  12. smokingwheels

    My internal combustion engine is more efficent than 30%

    I have an spark ignited 4 cylinder 2000 cc engine in a wagon and I think its 50% thermally efficient at idle due to the mods I have done on the intake manifold. My engine uses (mesured on video) roughly 9.807 cc/min at approx 750 rpm and the only reference I have come accross is a similar...