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    Density Parameters using Mathematica

    Homework Statement hello, I have to solve a couple of equations on Mathematica for a project, and since they are not really working out, I wondered if you could help me out a bit. I need to solve equation (1) (you can find the equations in the .doc attached) and plot the solution for a...
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    Probability of neutrino-electron scattering

    Homework Statement Ok, I'm given a formula for the cross section of the scattering and I've been told that the detector is a column of water of depth 10m. I need to find the probability of the scattering within the detector. Homework Equations σ = E(in MeV) x 1.5x10-44 cm2 The...
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    Integrating an equation with scale factor

    Homework Statement Ok, the problem is simple enough, I think. I just think I'm missing something obvious. I have an equation involving the scale factor R(t) and need to integrate it. I am at the first equation and need to get to the second by integrating (with respect of R, I suppose)...