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    ODE trouble

    I am having trouble with the following problem: A rocket sled having an initial speed of 150mi/hr is slowed by a channel of water. Assume that, during the braking process, the acceleration a is given by a(v)=-u*v^2, where v is the velocity and u is constant. a) write the equations of...
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    Shortest distance between two points. Line?

    I would like to see the proof that the shortest distance between two points is a line. I found a proof online but i can't quite follow it. Does anyone know of a simple proof of this fact?
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    Plasma ball anyone?

    Can someone please explain to me how a plasma ball works? I think I kind of get it. I get that the current flows through the gas inside of the ball because there is a large enough electrical potential difference between the two points. I'm not sure why the sparks follow you finger around the...
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    Organic light-emitting diode

    has anyone come across any web site with good information on OLED technology. I'm not really looking for the technical details. What I?m interested in is a general overview of the technology. What it is advantage/disadvantages , applications, history. Stuff like that. i would really...
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    A Physics type of integral

    In my calculus course I was tough to solve differential equations by separation and then integrating For instance dv/dt = a dv = a*dt v= a*t + c (c is a constant of integration) then if I was given an initial condition such as v(0)=Vo I would substitute into my general solution and...
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    Simple problem for anyone who knows what he is doing

    I’m stuck on a problem involving a cord that has mass. I know how to do problems where the cord's mass is 0 but ones the factor of the cords mass is introduced I’m lost. I’m stuck on the following problem: A block (mass m1) on a smooth horizontal surface, connected by a cord that passes...