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    Mathematics of the trebuchet

    I was just woundering how to find the distance of a projectile, when thrown by a trebuchet, mathematicly?
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    Question concernig E=MC^2

    What do the variables M and C reffer to, in the equastion E=MC^2?
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    Stargazing Buying a New Telescope and would like some input.

    Well like the title says I'm buying a new telescope and would like to know what y'all think would be the best for looking at Galaxies and Nebulas, PRICE IS NOT A PROBLEM though I would like to keep it lower then $3,500.
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    What Does

    What exactly do they mean when they say "Non-trvial zeros" in reffrence to the RH?
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    Riemann Hypothesis effect on the world

    What would be the effects on the world and to the individual or individuals if the Riemann Hypothesis was solved?
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    What is the closest we have come to

    What is the closest we have come to proving the number theory? - What does the equastion look like
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    Can the summation.

    Can the summation....... Can the summation of a number equal that numbers square root??
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    Prime Number Importance?Help Please

    Prime Number Importance??Help Please What is the importance of finding away to descirbe prime numbers in relation to both themselves as well as other numbers? :rolleyes:
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    Is length real or is it illusory?

    Is length real or is it an abstract bi-product of multiple objects and or dimensions
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    I need math help.

    Can anybody give me the name of a few web sites that have all the mathamaticle sybols and terms as well as what those symbols and terms mean and are called, please. Thank you, Mathew Tucker
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    Dino Ressurection

    Could we determine the genetic structure of a dinosaur and recreat it in a new living cell by: 1)Comparing the chemical compostion of reptiles and brid bones to the chemical compostion to there DNA and creat a ratio that gives us an idea on what ration paterns in chemical comp to look fpr in...
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    If light is waves

    :uhh: If light is a wave of photonic particles wouldn't that mean that when light hit a bolck of lead that it would compress and ultimatly nutalize it self? Due to the fact, that lead is extremly dense, so eventualy if a wave of photonic particles came incontact lead at a 180* angle that it they...
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    How do CPU chips work

    can sombody please tell me how cpu chips work and how to make one oh and same for programming a game
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    Boarder of universe

    what makes the boarder of a universe and why and can it change shapes and size
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    Please Help Explain

    Please Help Explain.... Can sombody please explain what all the unification theory has to explain to be right. As far as pass theorys (that have to be still be correct according to it), and what forces goes. :tongue:
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    Need some help with my future

    can any body give me an idea on what i should do since i want to become a pilot for the aorforce and a theoretical physicist?
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    Qauntum? Could it be ?

    Qauntum?? Could it be......? Could the Quantum Theories still be missing a small part as far as orgaization of particles go?
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    Waves,Light, I need some help

    Why do we think of light as a wave if in a vacume we still have light could it possibly be a bi product of multiple energie reacting on one another?
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    Simply, what is energy?

    What is energy actualy in a pure state and why can it change form (kinetic to heat. Ect) if its not particles.
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    Can we find

    Can we find.... Is it possible for us to find the universe point of origin based on location of cellestrella bodies? If so how? If not why?
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    Please read if you saw my thread I need help pasting together this new gravity

    Please read if you saw my thread "I need help pasting together this new gravity..." I'm sorry for any and all the calamety I may have caused with my thread "I need help pasting together this new gravity theory ive been trying" in which I listed to diff. sets of theories. I only posted them for...
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    If E=MC2

    If E=MC2.... What would be the reprocutions if Einstien's e=mc2 was found to be wrong.