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  1. bibo_dvd

    Torque on a Triangular Loop

    hello guys iam doing my homework in magnetic fields course and i found this problem i solved (a) and (b) by using F=I L x B and the total force on the triangular loop would be zero but in (c) i tried alot to find the torque on the loop but i couldn't get the same result so please help me...
  2. bibo_dvd

    Periodic Complex exponential signal

    hello guys .. first of all , iam not sure that i should type this thread here . so excuse me for that in this problem i can understand the part untill it's said that w=0 then x(t)=1, which is periodic for any value of T but i can't understand the part after that in the case of w is not equal...
  3. bibo_dvd

    Problem with electric flux density

    hello guys :) i need your help with this problem i can understand that in (a) we will use the integral of row(v) * dv to get the charge and in (b) we will use the formule D(r)=Q/[4*PI*r^2] but in (C) should it be zero or what ?? and if it should be zero why in the solution manual it...
  4. bibo_dvd

    Problem with Vector Field

    Hello guys !! i have this problems while solving problems on vector calculus .. i solved (a) , (b) as i put P(2,4,3) in the formula of S and i solved it and i solved (b) as a(S)= S/lSl but in (c) i don't how what should i do to solve it ..please help me guys ..Thank you
  5. bibo_dvd

    Engineering [Help] with Numbering System Digital Circuit

    [Help] with Numbering System "Digital Circuit" Hello Guys .. iam having an exam on digital circuits and i try to work on some problems about numbering systems and i found this problems but i couldn't solve it .. i said that (x-3)(x-6)=x^2-11x+22 then i said that...
  6. bibo_dvd

    [help] finding the total electric flux

    Hello Guys !!! iam studing the electric flux and how the relationship between D ( electric flux density ) and E ( elecric field) but i found this problem and i don't know which formula should i use to solve it to find the electric flux i know that Q=(Psi)=the electric flux but i...
  7. bibo_dvd

    [Help] in the integration of electric field

    Hello guys !! :) i need your help in the integration which is used to calculate the total charge in the electric field in a continuous volume charge distribution in this example i can't understand how the integration was done please help me with this :) The example ...
  8. bibo_dvd

    Regulated power supply circuit

    hello guys ... i want to design this circuit on proteus and print it to put it on a board this is a regulated power supply circuit the problem is that iam a beginner in proteus can anyone help me how to start ? The Circuit : please help me guys with this ..Thanks :)
  9. bibo_dvd

    A problem with diode limitters

    hello guys while studing the diode limitters i found two examples i solved the first one but i couldn't with the second 1 - 2- in the first i know that the diode while be forward biased in the negative half of the signal so the negative half will be limitted to -0.7 v...
  10. bibo_dvd

    How can i put the polaritiy of E thevenin's ?

    Hello guys .. i need your help with something in this photo i understand the way to calculate R thevenin's and the way to calculate E thevenin's but i couldn't understand why did we put the polarity in this way ?? i mean why can't we put switch the polarity of the battery ...
  11. bibo_dvd

    Engineering Problem with circuit analysis

    hello guys i have been trying to solve this problem for a long time but i couldn't so i need your help.. iam trying to analyze the circuit using mesh analysis so i converted the current so to voltage source E=2*10=20V i don't know how to redraw the circuit taking this shape...
  12. bibo_dvd

    A problem with zener limtting output voltage

    hello guys !! i know that in zener diode limitting circuit there are three types : 1-limitting Positive peak 2-limitting Negative peak 3-limtting both peaks and i know that output voltage for limitting positive peak =VZ+0.7v limitting negative peak= -VZ-0.7v but i don't know what will...
  13. bibo_dvd

    A question about reciprocity theorem

    hello guys :)) the question is : in (a) IT= 10/[4k||8k+4k||4k]=2.14 mA but i can't calculate I so please guys help me i tried many times to get it but i couldn't :( thx guys !!
  14. bibo_dvd

    A problem in Coupling Transformers

    Hello Guys !! While Studing coupling transformers i found this problem i tried to solve it but i don't know if my solving is right or no !! so tell me :) The problem : My solve is : V(out)=nV(in) V(out)= 2 * 312 = 624 v PIV = V(out) = 624 v and if the diode is...
  15. bibo_dvd

    Nodal Analysis , Can't Understand the direction of a current

    Nodal Analysis , Can't Understand the direction of a current !! In This Question "Nodal Analysis" we will apply kirchoff's current law .. My Question is : Why in Fig 8.51 and 8.52 the currents take these directions ?? i tried to get it but i couldn't Photos : Thanks...
  16. bibo_dvd

    Engineering Which Law should i use to analyze this circuit ?

    Which Law should i use to analyze this circuit ?? Hello Guys !! Sorry i have many questions because iam not a professional in this .. My Question is : in this photo i found that the total Resistance is : 5 ohm and the total current is 16 A and I3 = I9 = 4 A and I8= 1 A I...
  17. bibo_dvd

    Engineering A Question about Series-Parallel Circuits

    Hello Guys !! In This photos i found that in (a) : RT= 4 Ω+ 10 Ω+ 4 Ω= 18 Ω and in (d) : RT= 10 Ω but i can't understand why in (a) the total resistance equals to 18 and how will the current would pass ?? and in (d) i can't understand why the total resistance equals to 10 and why we...
  18. bibo_dvd

    A Question about Voltage Sources in Parallel

    Hello Guys !! My Question : in this photo i found That Total Resistance will be = 7 ohm . and I2 = 12 / 7= 1.71 A and I1 = 0.5 * I2= 0.5 * 1.71= 0.85 A I can't understand why I1= 0.5 I2 ?? and why it isn't the same of I2 ?? here is the photo Thank you Guys !! :))
  19. bibo_dvd

    A Question about Parallel Resistances

    Hello Guys !! My question is : why in these photos the ohmmeter reads the total resistance ?? I mean why in (a) the ohmmeter can't read the 8 ohms resistance ? and Why in (b) the ohmmeter can't read the (2||10 ) resistance ? Thank you Guys !! :))
  20. bibo_dvd

    A Question about Kirchoff's Voltage Law

    Hello Guys My Question about Kirchoff's Law is : why in this Example we considered that E2 is a Voltage Drop not a Voltage Rise ?? i mean why we didn't say that : +E2-V1-V2+E2=0 ??? and Thanks Guys :)) !!
  21. bibo_dvd

    Engineering A Question in Voltage in a Circuit

    hello guys !! iam new at this forum and i have a question :)) The quesion is : why can't i calculate V7 from Ohm's Law So V7=E/R7 and it will be equal to 72/9=8V Please answer me and thank you guys :)