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    Fastest way to become RF engineer

    Please humor this question. I know it is ridiculous but please give me your best answer. Suppose a young EE student has seen the light and wants to become a master RF engineer. He wonders what the fastest and best possible way to go about this process as opposed to the non-linear path many...
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    Choosing a material for a mill handle

    Hello. MechE noob here. I'm an ECE guy and I'm apart of a group of students working on a solar car. I decided I wanted to get more mechanical experience so I joined one of the ME teams. However, before they let you work on real stuff they make you go through smaller projects. So my first...
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    Line intersection algorithm optimization

    I am trying to heavily optimize a piece of code in C as well as MIPS assembly. Here is a link to my code: [Broken] [Broken] The problem is find the number of intersections between 1 pixel wide lines of...
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    Line crossing algorithm?

    Hello, there's this problem about line crossings I saw somewhere and was trying to solve. There's a 64x64 grid of 8 bit pixels and it has a bunch of 1 pixel wide vertical and horizontal lines of different colors on it. All parallel lines have at least one space between them. The problem is...
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    How do you compile C?

    IDEs are bloated and slow usually and makefiles are confusing to write by myself. I was just wondering what you experts do to organize and compile projects with.
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    Strange glitches in my C sorting program

    Homework Statement I have to write a program that takes in a file that looks like this: 3424: 313 4334: 543 etc. and sorts the numbers on the write. Everything for getting the file into an array was done for me so I know it's correct. I'm having two strange problems. First, whenever I'm...
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    Question about going into EE/CmpE

    Hello all, I will be going to Uni soon as either an EE or a CmpE (probably CmpE). I appeal to your experienced selfs and ask if you could recommend some books/topics/activities that you think I should read/know/do or that you wish you had had before you started off. I know the physics and basic...
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    Studying Good books/blogs/ etc. for advancing in math

    I'm just a humble engineer. I've taken the standard slew of math courses everyone takes (Calc, diff eqs., linear algebra) and I enjoyed them but I want something more. The world of math is so vast that every time I try to branch out I get lost and give up. Do you guys have any suggestions for...
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    Datapath and ASM chart questions

    Homework Statement 13. (6 points) Draw an ASM chart for a computer that has three instructions: BNZ, AND, LD. 14. (6 points) Draw a block diagram for a datapath that contains: an 8-word, three-port register file; an ALU that accepts operands either from the datapath or from an external...
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    Question about getting started with electronics

    Hello, I'm just a poor little boy who is mystified about getting a start in the wonderful world of electronics. Do any of you have suggestions for books, tutorials, starter kits, etc. that you think are particularly effective in teaching fundamentals and setting you on the path to becoming a...
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    Netbeans/cygwin installation problem

    Hello, I'm a bit of a noob so bear with me. I have gotten all of this to work on one computer but on installing it on another computer I've run into problems. I followed the instructions at this link
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    Complex numbers question

    Homework Statement I'm given that the sum from k = 0 to N-1 of e^(j*2*pi*k/N) + 0. Then there's some code. tt = 0:1:1000; xx = 0*tt; for kk=5:11 xx = xx + 99*cos(0.006*pi*tt + 0.25*pi*kk); end plot(tt,xx), title(’SECTION of a SINUSOID’), xlabel(’TIME (sec)’) The plot made from the vector...
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    Beginner's C question

    I have a long char array of empty spaces and newlines for each row. I want to take in a coordinate pair (row,column) and be able to change that corresponding point into an asterisk. For the life of me I can't figure out how to index correctly. I know the below attempt is wrong. Any help would be...
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    Solving complex exponentials

    I posted this problem here because I would like to know a reliable method for solving such a thing. (5e^(j*a))(3 + j*b) = -25 Find real numbers a and b satisfying the preceding equation. I converted it to get 5*sqrt(9 + b^2)*e^(j*a + j * arctan(b/3)) = -25. I don't really see where to go...
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    Complex number equation

    Homework Statement (5e^(j*a))(3 + j*b) = -25 Find real numbers a and b satisfying the preceding equation. There are two different answer sets for {a,b} so find both of them. Homework Equations e^(j*a) = cos(a) + j*sin(a) The Attempt at a Solution I converted it to get 5*sqrt(9...
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    2 complex number questions

    How do you get the exponential form of 1/j? I saw a problem that says it's e^(-j*pi/2) but I have no idea where that came from. Also, if you have a complex number, z, how do you find it's magnitude? For example, e^(j*pi*t - pi/2). In my book when they square the the magnitude of a complex...
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    2 newbie questions

    Excuse my noobness but I can't find answers to these from searching. When lights interacts with a prism it splits off into multiple wavelengths. Doesn't that imply that the incoming light consists of multiple wavelengths? My question is, since the speed of light in a given medium is constant (c...
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    Comp Sci Beginner's C++ question

    Homework Statement Write a program that asks the user to enter the number of seconds as an integer value (use type long) and that then displays the equivalent time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Use symbolic constants to represent the number of hours in the day, the number of minutes...
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    An expansion/interval of convergence problem

    Homework Statement The function f(x) = |x| is not differentiable at x = 0, so computing a Taylor Expansion of this function just isn't possible by taking derivatives of |x|. Through the use of clever substitution, you can still obtain the polynomial expansion of this function to be...
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    A sum of a series problem

    Homework Statement Find the exact sum of the series: 1/1!3 + 1/2!4 + ... + 1/n!(n+2) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The only series I know that look like this are e^x and ln(x) (centered at x = 1). But I do not know how to combine them and I'm not even sure if...
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    A convergence and divergence test and a couple integrals

    Here are five separate problems. Show that the series 1/3^(ln(n)) converges and that the series 1/2^(ln(n)) diverges. integral (sqrt(x)*e^-sqrt(x)) dx integral (x/(sqrt(x-1)+2)) dx integral (1/(2+sin(x)+cos(x) integral (1-cos(x))^(5/2)) dx There are no other relevant...