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    Is another form of time one of the extra dimensions?

    Sorry. I know I must sound like a hick. Time is ... the 4th dimension of our conventional reference? If so, are one or more of the other dimensions posited by String Theory considered possibly to be an additional time dimension(s)?
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    Observation determines outcome term?

    Thank you very much. I will research the term "observer effect".
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    Observation determines outcome term?

    Is there a term to describe the phenomenon that observation seems to effect the outcome of superposition?
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    Single-Particle Interference for BIG objects-what does it mean for a lay person?

    Can anyone help me with this? If so, please do. If you have a paper or text to point me to, that would be great. Here goes: When a double slit experiment with respect to single particle interference is conducted, and only one particle is emitted for the entire event, what is the observed...