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    Polynomials, Help with

    Hello, I face this problem: X^3 + X - 71 = (X^2 + 4X + 16)Q(X) + R(X), where Q and R are polynomials. Decide which they are. I got that Q(X) = (X + 1/4) and that R(X) = - 75, but apparently it is wrong. I am stuck and don't know what to do. Thanks in advance.
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    Elementary Trigonometry, Help with

    Hello, I have been trying to solve this type of question but the results of my efforts are frequently disappointing. Since this is considered elementary and simple I have no doubt that someone can help me with this: Solve arcsin (3/5) + arctan (1/7). What if it had said 641/19 instead of...
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    (Long): Questions about the field of mathematics and the RH from a newbie.

    Prologue: Hello, I am new to this forum. This is my first post. I come from Sweden, discovered an interest in mathematics when I was fourteen, pursued it in fluctuating vigour for two years until I dropped it completely for a whole three (personal reasons). Now I'm nineteen, and just a few...