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    Really cool AI prog Not sure if ye already know about this. I think its brilliant. Pretty easy to catch it out with a question it cant answer but still really well made. Cracker sense of humour too!
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    Genius! These are brilliant! George Bush skits

    These are brilliant! George Bush skits: [Broken] [Broken]
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    Complex Dielectric Permittivity

    Complex Dielectric Permittivity!!! Homework Statement Calculate the power dissipated per unit cycle in a dielectric medium per unit volume in terms of the dielectric loss and the strength of the electric field The previous question was: Why does the dielectric permittivity of a material in...
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    Casimir's Energy

    Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. Iv just read about the casimir force which can cause 2 parallel plates 2 move towards each other in empty space. Where does the plates kinetic energy come from?
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    Another free energy proposal

    A friend of mine asked me where the energy comes from in this setup: Imagine a fan/windmill inside a box. The fan is only allowed 2 turn clockwise and is connected to an axel which exits the box. The atmosphere will keep the air inside the box at, well, atmospheric temperateure. Every so...
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    The Future is written?

    Lets say we mastered near lightspeed travel and instantaneous communication using quantum teleportation. Then we send the spaceship off to someplace 1 lightyear away. It turns around and for a brief moment travels twords earth at near lightspeed. During this moment the spaceship asks earth how...
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    Confused about time dilation

    Iv been reading the fabric of the cosmos and its my 1st and only source on theoretical physics. I reckon i understand str from it, i can work spacetime diagrams and lorentz transforms but my understanding must b wrong somewhere. Str says the faster an object moves the slower time flows for...