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    Tex symbols

    Hmm... I'm writing a paper and trying to figure out how to make an x-vector symbol.. as in: \beq ds^2=d(\overrightarrow{x})^2+dt^2 \eeq Except with a smaller arrow over the x, as would be seen in a real paper.
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    How old are you people ?

    No I'm 16 also.
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    How do you choose a college

    How does one go about choosing? How did you guys? I can't decide whether I want a big institutional name school or a cute little liberal baby nestled up in the woods of some remote northeast location. I live in NY and don't want to go too far away from home.
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    Pick-up Lines

    That's not a pickup line. "That shirt is very becoming on you. Then again, if I were on you, I'd becoming too." :0 the impropriety!
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    What was it?

    Was he Alaskan or no?
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    Eating Healthily

    Yeah so basically, hypatia, it seems I'm really lacking protein aspect and vitamins and minerals and veggies and fruit? :) I guess I'll just try to eat more of other stuff? It's just so much harder than bread.
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    I can't figure out where in my house that picture was taken... :0 scary I have never yet had the resolve to grow my hair out. I decided upon it a couple of times but about 1/8 of the way in I ran to the barber to make myself decent again.
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    Eating Healthily

    Vegan means you don't drink milk too, right? So I doubt he'd eat eggs. I meant general diet :0 not like just today. Recently my mom's been out of town. My dad and I couldn't cook a meal for life or death so we've been eating out much.
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    Electrostatic force electroscope

    Well not quite for vertical and horizontal... right? But yeah for two perpendicular directions. See if you can find out which :) Edit: well I guess it doesn't matter, but one way you can ignore 1 of the 3 forces.
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    Strange phobias

    That is the amazing thing. Maybe everyone in Europe, but I don't know how many people on this forum are European. Here in New York probably 1% of people know who he is, or less. By the way, my sister's going to Warwick University this coming year... I assume that's right next to you?
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    What's the purpose of life?

    I agree basically. I think religion is good for comforting people and giving them an unquestionable reason. I personally can't believe in it so I ignore questions like... well, like the one I'm about to not ignore. I think you should end your life if you're not happy anymore and the people...
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    Strange phobias

    Planes don't bother me much, since I've been flying them about 4 times a year since I was 2 :) Anyone know the Dutch soccer star Bergkamp? I found out only recently that he had an enormous phobia for flying that kept him from playing in any soccer game that required a plane flight to get...
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    Electrostatic force electroscope

    Not quite! The forces don't have to be equal for equilibrium as they're not in opposite directions. Also, the charge on each ball isn't Q. Inquire further for more help.
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    Elecric charge and electric field

    Quantum electrodynamics? ?:( And uhh... check your electron mass again, I'm pretty sure an electron is lighter than the sun. :rofl:
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    News Australia predicts China passes US by 2015

    Very interesting! Does anyone have the corresponding US statistics to those for China? Not your liberties... maybe more of your money though. Believe it or not, however, opposing systems actually wouldn't take your money and burn it, or run off to Patagonia with it. They'd redistribute it...
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    Eating Healthily

    Just lately I've begun to worry about what I eat. I'm in shape and stuff, probably because I'm 16, but I feel like I should make use of what we know today about vitamins etc. I think I eat pretty unhealthily... All last year, on school days, I ate: No breakfast Lunch: spicy chicken...
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    Strange phobias

    Believe it or not, I sort of am :0 I hate all money transactions, buying things, selling things, figuring out tips... it just makes me nervous and worried. I think it's because people treat money so seriously--I feel like I might 'screw up' with it somehow.
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    First year at Malaspina Univsersity-College

    Lot of experienced fellows on these forums :0 I would really guess that, like pre-college school has been for me so far, no one can foretell how easy or hard it will be. Example: Friend of mine paraded around beginning of 11th grade talking about how the AP American History Summer Reading...
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    Upside down recipe

    I invented a plum cake recipe in... 5th grade or so. I assume you wouldn't trust it, but it actually was rather good! I have made it a few times since then. If you're interested, I can go dig it up on my Mom's computer :)
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    What's the purpose of life?

    Satisfaction of the faculties, discovery, happiness: distraction. :0 also avoid an answer to the previous questions.
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    Medical Anomalous, extraordinary, or otherwise interesting conscious experiences

    I want to try lucid dreaming sometime.. I just don't feel like I have enough time right now :eek: So.. yeah I also get deja-vu a lot, but one time sticks out in my memory. I used to be a bit of a gamer. I was online on Warcraft III, observing a game, which we used to do a lot back in the...
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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    'Ello, I'm more or less new. This was for my sister's photography class.
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    News Robertson's comments on Chavez

    Someone said the number of people that threatened Bush should be treated the same way. I'd be surprised if there were ever a person of political influence who said something along those lines, even jokingly, about Bush. Robertson, as others have pointed out, did a great deal of campaigning...
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    Find the angle theta at which the ladder leaves the wall

    I sort of derived why the equation of motion is x^2 + y^2 = 1/4 L^2. That's the equation of a circle, if you didn't know. Again though, this is only if the ladder stays against the wall, which, in theory, it wouldn't. As for understanding the motion, though, you can see it pretty easily...
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    Find the angle theta at which the ladder leaves the wall

    OK... this is what I have so far: Free body diagram: What are the relationships between the normal forces and the gravity? Motion of center of mass: this works... but we now need to find the acceleration along this path and such... hmmm
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    Find the angle theta at which the ladder leaves the wall

    You guys are bitter. It's not my homework or anything, I just thought it was a good problem because it was hard and I don't know how to do it. It was on a test my dad was proctoring.
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    Excellent Problem!

    I suppose Mods wouldn't like this, but I consider this a particularly excellent problem and it's not actually homework or anything... so: Very tough, very good, etc.
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    Momentum has to be conserved

    Ok, I see. Makes sense... Oh and thanks :)
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    Cloud physics help

    Yeah (b) shouldn't be a problem... But what is (a)?? Granted I'm in high school but I've never encountered that kind of physics... where does it come from?
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    Projectile Motion

    That's no way to help him! You just need to remember that the key to these sorts of problems is Time. Decompose the velocity: v(hor)=v*cos@ v(vert)=v*sin@ The horizontal velocity will never change, as there is no horizontal acceleration (assuming friction is barred). So the time the...