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    Specific activity of radionuclides

    what is the formula to determine the specific activity of radionulcide in sediments
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    Physics Regarding postdoc

    I have worked on environmental radiation levels n determining the radioactivity in the environmental samples. I would like to do post doc in the field. I request to suggest me the posts available all over the world.
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    Correlation between macronutirients and radionuclides

    do the presence of macronutrients (N,P,K) increase the amount of radionuclides (U,Th,K) in the sediments. how are they related?
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    Granulometric analysis

    why do we need to determine the particle size while estimating the activity of radionuclides? is there any relation between the particle size (sand, silt and clay) and primordial radionuclide? will the content of uranium, thorium and potassium rely on particle sizes?
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    Regarding minerological analysis

    why we need to find the minerals in the sediments while estimating the amount of radionuclides. although there exist a cation exchange capacity in the minerals, do they actually concentrate the primordial radionuclides in them. further on granulometric analysis, do the clay particles retain the...
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    Radionuclides of radon and thoron

    what is the difference between Bq/m3 and Bq/Kg/h. can the exhaltion rate of radon and thoron for the sediments can can be in the units of Bq/Kg/h.
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    B What is the self absorption parameter

    i would like to know the self absorption parameter of 3x3 inches NaI crystal. which is used in estim,ating the radionuclides
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    B How to calculate the uncertainity errors

    do any one explain me pl. i would like to know the uncertainty error in measuring the specific activity of the primordial radionuclides