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  1. Saumya Kar

    Automotive Random Vibration and PSD spectrum profiles

    I am starting work on structural durability area for after treatment systems and deal with Random Vibration and PSD profiles quite often. However there are few fundamental questions about PSD profiles that I could not get answer to after a lot of search on internet. So finally decided to write...
  2. Saumya Kar

    Difference between acoustic pressure and fluid pressure

    While the sound waves travel in a medium, lets say a fluid, what is the difference between fluid pressure and acoustic pressure ? Are these entities same?
  3. Saumya Kar

    Von Mises stress Vs Principle stress

    Hello Folks, May be I am bring up the old topic again., but I've lost enough sleep over this topic. I understand that we use Von-Mises criteria for ductile material failure by comparing to yield limit and max principal stress is used to check failure for brittle materials. My question is bit...