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    Really a virtual particle sea?

    Sorry marlon, this was a mistake in writing. I was only meaning that "I have some idea of what is a "virtual" particle in perturbative QFT" and only in perturbative QFT because I think this is an artefact of perturbative approximation of quantum mecanics. But, if you can proove the...
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    Does every observable commute with the hamiltonian?

    I think only conserved quantity/observable commute with hamiltonian.
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    Wave/particle duality: what exactly is a particle?

    Hi, just a question on translation. In french, we distinguish "particle" from "corpuscule". Is there any french-speaker who knows translation of "corpuscule" ?
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    Path integrals and supposed sum over paths

    I have not looked at Path integrals from so long time... I think one of the approach of Path Integral is to consider it as a Wiener Integral with a Wiener process. So in some way, it can be related to random walk where you can expect very strange path happening, they are just unfavored...
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    Path integrals and supposed sum over paths

    Hello, do we accept only continuous path with finite first derivative or all continues path (like Brownian motion) ?
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    Really a virtual particle sea?

    Hello, is what you wrote true in QFT in general or only in pertubative QFT ? I have some idea of what is a "virtual" particle in QFT. But, when it is no more pertubative, I do not understand.
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    Questions on observation

    We do not believe, we measure...
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    Wave functions

    I think if you describe the wave by a cos(px - Et + phi) then you violate the relativity principle (the classical one from Galilei). If for one observer the wave cancels every L = pi/p For a second observer at speed V wrt the first, the wave cancels every L = pi/p' with p' = p + mV. I guess...
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    Wave functions

    I think there are two issues with the wavefunctions collapse : - the mathematical formalism which I have no problem to accept - the physical interpretation which is subject to many interpretations Why such assertion ? Is it physics or metaphysics ?
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    Wave functions

    What you propose appears to me quite similar to the theory of decoherence.
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    Helicity vs. Chirality?

    Hello, I do not understand why the helicity of the neutrino should be invariant now it has a mass ? Indeed if neutrinos have mass, it just implies that LH and RH chirality states are no more solutions of Weyl equations and so are no more eigenvalues of helicity operator. Which means we...