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    The Future of Sex?

    Yuk Yuk, what load of crap is that? :yuck:
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    Are you studying japanese?

    Japanese is realy great Hi, I studied Japanese. But it was realy tuff for me. The worst was when I was talking to a Japanese (there is a japanese in the teaching center) I hate to talk with him because he is too fast. But anyway Japanese is realy a great subject. I know some basic grammar...
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    I am new to this forum

    Oh my god Hi, have I got to answer all those questions?:surprised Or else will i get banned:cry: oh my will i be able to answer at all. Any way I will try my best.:smile:
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    I am new to this forum

    Hi guys Hi, Thanks for your warm welcome. Well you people didn't scare me at all. You people are realy great. I hope I can make lots of friends and knowledge from here. Any way I will be active here Thanks
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    I am new to this forum

    Hi, I am realy interested in learning physics and maths. Hope I can request for any help. I am still in high school. Well I am from a non-english country. So need to catch up with the word because I am going to do in English medium. Any way hope I can get help and help all the others also...