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    Natural Frequency of a Spring System

    A mass m is confined to move in a channel in the x-direction and is connected to four identical springs with spring constant k, which are oriented at angles \phi = 45° as shown, if the system is in static equilibrium. a) Ignoring friction, determine the natural frequency of vibration of the...
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    Integral using hyperbolic substitution

    Homework Statement \int\left(1+x^{2}\right)^{\frac{3}{2}}dx Homework Equations The hyperbolic functions. The Attempt at a Solution We've been going over hyperbolic substitutions in class so I assume I'm meant to use one of those, but I'm just not sure how to choose which one. Any help...
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    Linear second order non-homogeneous ODE question

    Determine the general solution to the ODE: y'' + 2y' = 1 + xe-2x I know the solution will be of the form y = yh + yp. The homogeneous solution is y = c1 + c2e-2x. For the particular solution, I have been using the method of undetermined coefficients. c3e-2x won't work as it is not...
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    Any ideas on what material this is?

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble identifying the material used in the oil seal of a hydraulic gear pump. There is a picture of the microstructure of the oil seal with it's hardness. Any ideas? Cheers
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    MATLAB Trouble with Euler's method in MATLAB

    I'm trying to solve an ODE using MATLAB and Euler's method but I've having some trouble understanding what's going on with the code. This is something relatively simple but I'm new to MATLAB so I'm not really sure what's going on. The question: Write a Matlab M-file that uses Euler’s method to...
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    Optics and a thin wedge

    I'm having trouble understanding this problem. I think I'm missing something or misunderstanding the question: A wedge-shaped film of air is made by placing a small slip of paper between the edges of two pieces of glass as shown below. Light of wave-length 600nm is incident normally on the...