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    Software to draw simple models

    Hi there, I am wondering if you have any suggestions how to draw these simple engineering models? Thank you in advance.
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    Analysis Reference book for "Fredholm integral equations"

    Hi, I am looking for a good reference book for "Fredholm integral equations". + a book with lots of examples related to this topic! Thanks for your help.
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    Tunneling in a non-subatomic particles

    Hi, We now electrons do tunnel and for example FE happens because of this. However, is it true to scale up this effect for non-subatomic particles? For example, is it OK to say, if you are behind a wall and hit yourself to the wall, there is a chance that you might Tunnel and see yourself on...
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    Multimeter current level when measuring resistance

    Hi, When using a multimeter to measure resistance, what is the used current level of the multimeter? I am using Fluke 77 IV Series Digital Multimeter. Thanks.
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    INTEGRAL{ e^cos(x) dx }

    Homework Statement I want to solve this integral without using series expansion. The answer should be in a closed form. I wonder if this is possible? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I used numerical methods and was able to solve it numerically for a given...
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    Waves produce oxygen?

    Hi, Does wave hit the shore produce oxygen? If so, how and how significant is this amount of oxygen? Thanks!
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    Effect of dissociation energy on plasma ions behavior

    Hi, Suppose there are two plasma cases, conditions are the same, except for the gases present: a-Oxygen b-Nitrogen Since the dissociation energy of nitrogen is higher than oxygen, what could be concluded from it? Could it be more energetic nitrogen ions than oxygen ions (because initially...
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    Does melting deteriorate the crystalline order?

    I wonder if melting deteriorate the crystalline properties and order of a solid? For example, one should expect to get 2 different Raman spectra from the solid and melted samples?
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    Impedance matching vs max power transfer criterion

    Hello, I wonder if there's any difference between the "impedance matching" and "maximum power transfer" criterion? I assume in both cases, one impedance should be designed to be the complex conjugate of the other. Thanks.
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    Power of laser vs Power of X-ray

    Hi, I wonder how to compare the power of a laser and an X-ray. For example 1mW power of a laser hitting an object is comparable to the an X-ray generating 1mW of power? Thank you.
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    What is a water bubble?

    This seems to be a very simple (stupid) question: If an inert gas is purged inside a distilled water container, bubbles are formed on the surface. The question is what are the constituents of those bubbles? and those constituents seems to be formed during a physical process, not a chemical...
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    Plot some 2d graphs in a 3d fashion

    Hi, How can I plot some 2d graphs in a 3d fashion like the following picture using excel or matlab? Any idea is appreciated.
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    Connect an antenna directly to oscilloscope

    Hi, Is it possible to direct connect an antenna working below 100MHz to an oscilloscope with coaxial cable and see the radiated signals? Thanks.
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    MATLAB How to export Matlab curve-fitted data to excel?

    Hi all, I have used matlab curve fit tool to curve-fit a set of x-y points. Now I want to export the curve-fitted y point to excel. Any idea how to do this? Thank you very much.
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    C+N2 (@ hight T)-> ?

    C+N2 (@ hight T)--> ? Hi all, I wonder if carbon (from graphene sheets) and nitrogen gas (from a compressed cylinder) can react at high temperatures? Thank you very much.
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    How to measure the temperature of an arc discharge

    Hi all, I was thinking about measuring the temperature of an arc discharge. The size of the discharge is very small, in the order of micrometer. So it is not possible to put a thermocouple near the it. Thank you very much.
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    Cohesion between two Au layers

    I have deposited about 200nm of Au and I am going to deposit another 200nm layer of Au on top of this layer. All deposition are with e-beam evaporation and are done in vacuum. I have two questions: 1- Do you know how the cohesion between these two layers is? 2- I am going to deposit the...
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    Electroplate Cu on gold

    Hi all: I have a 200nm Au seed layer. and I am electroplating Cu on that using a solution. but the result is not good. The adhesion between the electroplated copper and gold seed layer is very poor and it easily peels off. 1-I wonder how can I increase the adhesion between them? 2-Does...
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    Al/Au adhesion

    Dear all: I wonder how the adhesion between Al and Au is. I am going to deposit Au on top of Al layer. Regards.
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    How to measure O2 in a chamber?

    Dear all: I want to make a chamber as O2-free. The chamber is not perfectly sealed, so it has some small holes. I have used N2 gas (by pumping N2 from one input and escaping of O2 from holes in junctions). Now, I want to measure the amount of remaining O2 inside chamber. How can I do that? Is...
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    Etchant that attacks Fe and not attack Al

    Dear all: I have two layers: 1-2nm of Fe on top of 10-30 nm of Al. I am going to etch some portions of the top Fe layer. So I am looking for an etchant that attacks Fe and not Al. Can you help me? Regards.
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    Cantilever switch based on electrostatic force

    Dear all: I am going to design a cantilever switch which is working with electrostatic (capacitive) force. I want to design that. That is to find the dimension and material of that. I was wondering if you could kindly suggest a reference for designing this. Thank you very much.
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    How to distinguish Isopropanol?

    Hello: I have a liquid in a bottle. I want to know whether it is Isopropanol or not. I want to distinguish it among Methanol, Acetone and Ethelin. Can you help? Thanks.
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    Medical Is microwave cooking safe?

    Hi everyone: Have you ever heard anything about the effects of the microwave on body? ..