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    Developing Pump Performance Curves

    Hi Folks; I am developing a series of pump performance curves for pulp slurries. I am running a closed-loop Lab-Scale pipeline facility. My question is about measuring head vs. flow rate at constant RPMs. I did it for pure water by continuously feeding the system with water, and gradually...
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    Problem with pressure drop in pipeline

    Hi Folks; As we all knew, and I used to experimentally observe it, as the temperature of water increases, pressure drop through pipeline (kPa/m) decreases. Now, I am getting the opposite, while the results are so consistent and reproducible !!! As the water temperature increases, pressure...
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    Velocity Variation through Pipeline

    Hi Imagine there is a closed-loop pipeline which we are pumping pure water. Reasonably, we expect the pressure-drop to increase towards the end, due to friction and minor losses. My question, however, is about the velocity. When you half the length of the loop, at the same pump power...
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    A Problem with the Pump

    Hi Folks; I am facing a problem with a real experimental pumping case. I am running a schedule 40, commercial steel, 45m length, 2" diameter pipeline for water. Since past month, suddenly, the head of the pumped dropped by 0.3 Kpa/m, however, the velocities are the same. I wonder is it...