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    Lorentz Contraction Physical Reality

    Simple thought experiment I read and would like to hear what others think will the result will be: Let two spaceships A and B accelerate along a straight line. Observer C does not accelerate. The accelerations, as judged by C, are constant for both ships. Each ship is equipped with a...
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    Science Writers? Are you out there?

    Any science writers frequent this forum? If so, I'd like your advice on a few things.
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    Science Writing Advice

    Hello, I have a BS in Engineering. I am applying to science writing graduate schools for a plethora of reasons. Are there any science writers on this forum that could offer me advice on the lifestyle they live (is it hard to find work? lots of travel involved? making a name for yourself...
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    Plato was right Timocracy vs. Tyranny / Democracy

    It light of the recent worldwide uprisings (Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, Madison - Wisconsin, to name a few), our 'democratic' world is proving it is indeed in dire need of directional change. Let us investigate 'Republic' by Plato. 'Republic' ranks four forms of government. In the ranking...
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    Magnetic or Electric Field or Electromagnetic Field?

    Bob Reference Frame: A charged particle moves through a uniform magnetic field with velocity V. No electric field is present and gravitational forces may be neglected. The charge thus experiences a force due to this magnetic field equal to F = qV x B. B is the strength of the magnetic field...
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    Mass of an electron?

    Just a quick (hopefully not too dumb) question : How do physicists determine the mass of an electron? Is there a device or experiment used? I am just confused because of its particle / wave properties.
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    Shut Up and Calculate!

    Just a general topic here. Hope I don't offend anyone. Curious to see what everyone else thinks about this. I read Lee Smolin's 'Trouble with Physics' a certain amount of time ago and found myself agreeing with him in many respects. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the physics community as...
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    Standard Model Completely Wrong Like the article says, if this experiment is true, the proton is 4% smaller than originally thought. If true, doesn't this mean we have to throw out everything we think we know about particle physics (standard model...
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    GOCE Geoid

    Anyone know what causes the weak gravitation field at the bottom of India / Indian Ocean (see link below)? Thanks
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    Truly Random?

    I'm still wrestling with the whole uncertainty principal / wave function collapse idea. Obviously a basic building block of QM, I'm having a hard time understanding the real world evidence which supports these QM piles. 1. So from my understanding, the uncertainty principle tells us it is...
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    On Physics Education of the the 21st Century

    I don't have a question but wanted rather to start a conversation about the problem of our Physics Educational Program at all levels here in the US of A. Let's take a trip down my memory lane and see a the type of physics education a privileged citizen like myself received : Junior High...
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    Supermassive Blackholes

    Hello, I was watching a show on one of DirectTV's Science channels last night about supermassive blackholes. They stated the these supermassive blackholes exist in two phases : 1. When they are sucking in everything around them (stars, planets, moons, etc). 2. When they aren't sucking in...
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    Light Cones / QM

    I've always been interested and intrigued by the idea of light cones and how they fit in with other theories in physics. I have a couple of questions about them that I hope make sense are easily clarified: (1) I understand why the shape of the Past Light Cone is a Cone. I don't understand how...
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    QM Interpretations

    The following are the interpretations of QM: Bohmian · CCC · Consistent histories · Copenhagen · Ensemble · Hidden variable theory · Many-worlds · Pondicherry · Quantum logic · Relational · Transactional Which is the most accepted by the theoretical physics community? Obviously all have...
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    Conservation of Mass

    Simple question: Rest Frame: In their respective rest frames, the following objects have the following rest masses: Object A Mass = 1 kg ; Object B Mass = 1 kg. Total Rest Mass of system: 2 kg. A & B accelerate and reach some constant Velocity. At this velocity, their relative masses are...
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    Cancer developing in different RF's

    In Feynman's 6 not so easy pieces, in Ch. 4 I believe ( don't have the book on me right now), he states: "There are those in the medical profession who will claim cancer developes at the same rate no matter what reference frame it is in. They are wrong." (Not exact quote). Obviously they...
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    Help with Dimensions

    There are 'four' experimentally proven dimensions. Anything and everything must be defined by 'four' dimensions. It doesn't make sense to me to say "An Object exists in two dimensional space" or "Three dimensional." To mean there is one dimension, what everything exists in, defined by...