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  1. Martin V.

    Pressure in district heating network

    Homework Statement Can somebody explain the figure attached? Homework Equations H=p/(rho*g)+(v^2/2g)+z The Attempt at a Solution Search on the internet and looking in fluid mechanics book. Not possible to get book to get a explaination.
  2. Martin V.

    Find voltage using nodal analysis

    Homework Statement Assignment: Find V_2 using Nodal Analysis Homework Equations KCL U=R*I The Attempt at a Solution - Chosen reference node - Assigned node voltages - Applied KCL to each non-reference node - Solve system of equation - Checked equations for obvious errors See circuit drawing...
  3. Martin V.

    Direction of current when performing KCL

    Who do I know the direction of the current flow, when I make nodal analysis?
  4. Martin V.

    Electric field symmetry

    Homework Statement Problem statement: In the attached figure, two curved plastic rods, one of charge q and the other of charge q, form a circle of radius R 8.50 cm in an xy plane. The x axis passes through both of the connecting points, and the charge is distributed uniformly on both rods. If q...
  5. Martin V.

    Reduction of matrix equation

    Hello hope you can help me. Can anybody tell me what goes on from equation 3 to 4. especially how gets in?
  6. Martin V.

    How is synchronous reactance for a cable defined?

    How is synchronous reactance for a cable defined?