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    About Hawking radiation

    How exactly is the amount of Hawking radiation emitted by a black hole related to it's mass/Schwarzschild radius/etc? Is there a formula relating the two for instance? (I'm trying to calculate the time it would take for one of the LHC black holes that will supposedly destroy the Earth - ad...
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    Schools How difficult is it for an international student to get into a top US university?

    What are the requirements for entry as a freshman at say, MIT? (Studying physics of course). I've heard its highly competitive... All and any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Programs Physics undergrad degree (→theoretical high energy physics) in the US?

    I am currently a high school student (in my final year) in South Africa. I am passionate about physics, and can frankly see myself following no other career path. Ultimately it is my goal to become a theoretical high energy physicist. (And then unify quantum mechanics with general relativity...