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    Examples of isothermal processes in everyday life

    Hi, Adiabatic, iosbaric and isochoric processes are good approximations for a lot of thermodynamic phenomena in every day life. But the conditions for a process to be isothermal are so artificial that i have grave difficulties to fudge a story. Are there any examples of thermal...
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    Justification of a common calculation

    Hi, isn't it a bit dangerous to claim that \left[ x \cdot \left( \psi(x,t) \, \frac{\partial \psi^\ast (x,t)}{\partial x} + \psi^\ast(x,t) \, \frac{\partial \psi(x,t)}{\partial x} \right) \right]_{x=-\infty}^{x=\infty} = 0 for example? Expressions like this one are often found in...
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    Divergence of mass current density

    Hi, i thought a while about the meaning of the following expression \delta t \, \cdot \, \mathrm{div} \, \vec j_m(\vec r,t) \qquad \mathrm{with} \qquad \vec j_m(\vec r,t) = \rho_m(\vec r,t) \cdot \vec v(\vec r, t) Does it indicates the mass, which is produced / annihilated in the Volume...
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    Estimate ground state energy with HU

    Hi, i worked through several examples where the ground state energy of a particle in an arbitrary potential V(r) is estimated with Heisenberg's uncertainty relation. In these examples they prepare the Hamiltonian for the particle. For example the Hamiltonian for a particle in a harmonic...