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    Schools Bad economy influencing graduate schools?

    I was wondering whether or not the new state of the economy (recession) will have much of an effect on graduate school as far as whether schools won't offer as many stipends due to increased living expenses or what not. Any insight?
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    Medical Physics advice

    I'm almost done with my junior year as a physics major at Rice university, and I am planning on going to graduate school in medical physics after graduation. But all of my research on the field and the application process has been done online, and no other classmates or professors are interested...
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    Time evolution of spherical harmonics

    Homework Statement At t=0, a given wavefunction is: \left\langle\theta,\phi|\psi(0)\right\rangle = \frac{\imath}{\sqrt{2}}(Y_{1,1}+Y_{1,-1}) Find \left\langle\theta,\phi|\psi(t)\right\rangle. Homework Equations \hat{U}(t)\left|\psi(0)\right\rangle =...
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    What is the best way to get a job as a physicist at NASA?

    I want to work for NASA. As a physics major, what is the best way to get a job as a physicist at NASA?
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    Fourier series of sin(x)

    I know it's trivial....but how do you find the Fourier series of sin(x) itself? I seem to get everything going to zero...
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    Programs BS Applied Physics to Engineering PhD

    I'm a Rice University sophomore majoring in Applied Physics. I decided only within the past semester that I don't want to do pure physics my whole life (mainly due to the poor career choices). So I changed to applied physics. My question now is if it is possible to go to graduate school in...