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    Methods to deal with Electron correlations

    Dear all, I am here again with problems:confused: I am now trying to get some feeling of electron correlations in solid, following some literature, but it seems like that ALL confusing things lie here---there are s o many methods, and usually different people insist on their own one...
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    Question on Virtual Crystal Approx.(VCA)

    Dear all, I am now intended to do some first-principle calculations on disordered system, where VCA is an effective method. However, as to practical implementation using different methods, say Plane-Wave Pseudopotential, FPLMTO, FPLAPW, it's a litter hard to get a clear picture about how to set...
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    Question on how to calculate bond energy in crystal.

    Dear all: Since bond energies in crystal are very important in say single crystal growth theory, and it seems very difficult to do such calculations. However, can someone give me some hints on this task, or if there is a perfect solution, please let me know. Sincerely Hongbin Zhang
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    On strongly Correlated System

    I am no familiar with this area, and I want to know whether can we say that materials including atoms with d electrons are strongly correltated sysytem?
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    How to solve Eliashberg Equations?

    Dear all: Now I am try to interpret superconductivity in MgB2, its transition temperature can be get by solving Eliashberg Equations. However, I cann't find any porgram which can do this job, so can someone give me some links or package refer to solving Eliashberg Equations? Thank you...
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    Question on superconductivity theory beyond BCS.

    Dear all: Now I am trying hard to interpret superconductivity in MgB2, and when reading some paper such as J.Kortus et. al, J.M.An et. al on PRL/PRB, I find that their way to weigh transition temperature is different, for instance, in J.Kortus's paper(PRL86,4656(2001)), they use...
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    Q:How to interpret band structure?

    Dear all: I've been tortrued by this problem for a long time, plz help me as possible as you can. 1. I want to know, after one get a dispersion picture of E(k), how to judge one of those curves stems from, say, px/py/pz sigma/pi (bond?)? That is to say, how to judge the curve's charater...
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    On projected Density of States

    Dear all: I am frustrated in the concept of the PDOS, may someone be kind to refer me to the origin of this concept? Thanks. Regards
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    Help: How to interpret energy band?

    As we all known, energy band is very important to everyone who want to go longer in physics, especially in condensed matter physics. However, as a student of physics, I am shamed to say that I cannot interpret the picture of energy bands well, thus would someone be kind to tell me the secret or...
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    Question on BCS Theory

    Hello Everyone here: I am reading the very paper of BCS theory by J.Bardeen, L.N.Cooper and J.R.Schrieffer (Phys.Rev.108, 1175,1957). But I find so many things hard to understand for me, though I have finished my Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Theory, especially a paragraph list below...
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    Non Linear optical Coefficient

    :confused: Hello everyone: I am a newbie in Quantum Chemistry and I want to do some calculation on some physical properties such as the title shows. However, as we know, lots of package can't give you exactly what you want,you have to tackle with some succeeding process to get a beatiful...
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    Eliashberg's paper published in 1960

    dear everyone It's my first time here,and I want to get some help. My sub is condensed matter,and now I am doing some experiments on superconductor.What confuse me greatly is that i cann't find lots of important papers published before,such as one of Eliashberg's paper published in...