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    Chain Rule: Derivatives

    Chain Rule Question is Find the derivative of F(x)= 3 sq rt of x^3-1 First step I did was changing the Sq RT to (x^3-1)^3/2 Then I solved it by 3/2(X^3-1)^1/2*3X^2 Another problem very similar F(X)= 3 SQ RT of X^4+3x+2 Step 1 (X^4+3x+2)^3/2 Then 3/2(X^4+3x+2)*4x^3+3 I know how...
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    Graph each function on (-4,4)

    Homework Statement Grapher: Graph each function on (-4,4), and identify the point(s) at which the function is not differentiable. Homework Equations Graph F(X) = (X^2-2x+1)^1/3 on [4,-4] and Identify any points of discontinuity. The Attempt at a Solution I plugged in the F(x)...
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    Linear functions/translation of graphs

    The question is Graph f(x)=X^3-3x. Does it have any high or low points? What about symmetry? Okay the problem I'm having is what formula to use with a ^3 on the X, my previous 2 problems I did by using the quad formula, those questions were f(x)= 2x^4+4x^2-1, and f(x)= 16x^2+4x-3...
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    Calculators Questions about a TI-89

    I got mine recently, I havent used it as much, because I still have a TI-83, someone told me that with a 89 you can store equations, notes and it shows all of your work? Is that true, because I heard this from two different individual, and a third person told me that it doesn't show all of your...
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    Calculators TI-89 graphing calculator for 124$

    is that a good deal? Not even opened, its on clearence at a local walmart near my house.
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    Never took chemistry before

    so what advice do you guys have for me? besides studying,links? sources? thanks i would really apreciate it :smile:
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    Estimating water volume(so lost)

    A violent rainstorm dumps 1.7 cm of rain on a city 6.0 km wide and 8.0 km long in a 3.0 hr period. How many metric tons (1 ton = 103 kg) of water fell on the city? [1 cm3 of water has a mass of 1 g = 10-3 kg.] any help would be greatly apreciated!
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    Calculate square roots

    i'm doing my online hw as we speak and they problem i'm on is this Use your calculator to find the square root of 6.70 × 10^-19 and i calculated that problem in my calculated and i got 6.7e^-19 and i typed it in my hw and its giving me an error and saying "This question expects a...
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    Yo mama jokes thread

    yo mam so fat that they needed to put speed bumps at the buffet line to slow her ass down!!!!!!!!!! post your "yo mam" jokes
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    Hey everyone i'm new here

    jus wana say wassup to everyone :smile:
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    Pre-calc links?

    hey does anyone know any links for websites to get help on pre-calc? n if there free?
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    New here and new to physics

    hey there i'm new to this forum and i'm a college student and tommorow i will be taking my 1st ever physics class in my life, does anyone have any tip of advice, because honestly i have no clue what i'm getting into :confused: i'm a civil engineering major btw