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    Engineering Civil engineering OR Electronic Engineering?

    Thanks for you advice,I think I will choose EE,I must choose a career that I like,I will do well!
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    Engineering Civil engineering OR Electronic Engineering?

    Now it's my time to choose my major,I will choose from Civil Engeering and Electronic Engineering.In my university,Civil Engeering College is better than Electronic Engineering College,I may get a higher salary if I choose the previous one,but the work may be tougher(I may stay at a very remote...
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    Solve the equation and Find y

    You can have a look at this page," [Broken] Or using Mathematica,you can get four roots.
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    Complex numbers physical interpretation

    Complex number is very useful,for example,we have the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra,we can relate Exponential Function to Trigonometric Function(Euler's Equation),in Differential Equations,it is useful when the characteristic equation has complex roots.As far as I know,in physics the...
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    Show matrix is invertible. THanks

    No,invertible matrix should be a n×n matrix,you must have lost a row(x1,x2,x3,…xn)T,then it's a van de Monde matrix