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    Related Rates Problem (Check work)

    A square is inscribed in a circle. As the square expands, the circle expands to maintain the four points of intersection. The perimeter of the square is expanding at the rate of 8 inches per second. Find the rate at which the circumference of the circle is increasing. Perimeter = p...
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    Ellipse Word Problem

    Having trouble with this problem. "The mean distance from the sun to Mars is 141.7 million miles. If the eccentricity of the orbit of Mars is .093, determine the maximum distance that Mars orbits from the sun." So basically what it is asking for is half the length of the major axis right...
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    Rectangular Equation to Polar

    I need to convert x^2+y^2-3cos\Theta+4sin\Theta=0 to polar. Obviously the x^2+y^2 part would = r^2, but how can I get the cos and sin part to simplify?
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    Imaginary multiplication with answer to be in polar (variables)

    I have to find (a+bi)(c+di) in polar form given that b,c,d>0 and a<0. So I convert each one to polar first. ( (a+b)cis(\arctan(-b/a) + \pi) ) ( (c+d)cis(\arctan(d/c)) ) That's as far as I got. Little help please?
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    Trigonometric Equations

    I'm having trouble with two problems: 2tan(x) - 2cot(x) = -3 and cos(x)^2 + sin(x) = 0 On the 2nd one, I can substitute 1-sin(x)^2 for cos(x)^2 right? I tried that, but it didn't work. And I have no clue what to do on the first one. Little help please?
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    Operations of Functions

    Little help please and some work checking. Given f(x)=3x+2 and g(x)=\frac{x-4}{2x} It asks for g(\frac{1}{x}) So substitute in: \frac{\frac{1}{x} - 4}{2(\frac{1}{x})} Simplify: \frac{\frac{1}{x} - 4}{\frac{2}{x}} I multiply top and bottom by x right? That would give: \frac{1 -...
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    Confusion on a subtraction problem

    \frac{x}{x^2-9} - \frac{1}{2x-6} When I first worked this problem I found the answer to be: \frac{1}{2x-6} However, in my English class we had this Vietnamese substitute who took my worksheet and did the problems on it in his head and pointed at the answer I wrote for this problem and...
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    Controlling the Weather

    I am writing a pro/con essay about controlling the weather in my 10th grade ELA II class. Anyone know anything about this, or where I can find some info on it?
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    Staphylococcus athletes are contracting this bug

    Coincidentally enough, we had just be learning about microbiology in my bio class. Then, yesterday, I got my Sports Illustrated and noticed they had an article on it. It turns out athletes are contracting this bug at an increasingly alarming rate. Anybody else heard anything about this, or...
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    Semi Latus Rectum Proof - b^2/a

    I need to prove that the length of the semi latus rectum = b^2/a I am assuming that you make some sort of a triangle within the ellipse to prove this, can someone point out which one it is?
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    Extra Cedit Algebra II Problems (2 of them)

    Little help please, I'm failing and need the extra credit and have no idea how to work these problems. 1. x = \sqrt{30 + \sqrt{30 + \sqrt{30 + \ldots } } } 2. Find the 4th root of -1. I know that this is the same thing as the square root of i. I also know that the answer is...