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    Why do we make arithmetic mistakes?

    I know the question does not strike as being specific to physics, but please, give it a look. Human brains are considered complex computing machines and are rightly so as seen by the examples around us. Why then is it that we make conscious arithmetic errors( For example: calculating...
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    DNA origami

    I'm working on a project in the field of DNA origami and need links to research papers and study content for the trapping processes and folding processes. Can anyone help?
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    Expected value operator.

    While reading the article:Law of the unconscious statistician, I came across a line and then a few lines after that, the expected value of a a function g(x) is said to be given by: ∫f(x)g(x)dx. However, if g(x) is not explicitly known, how does one calculate the integtral?
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    Coloring pixels

    I was working on an image processing project a while ago and was specifically working with raster images in the Hue-Saturation-Value(HSV) image format. Each is determined by mathematical values of these (HSV) parameters. I also worked with other bases such as the Red Blue Green (RGB) format. Now...
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    Java Learning Java from the makers

    For learning C and for references, " The C Programming Language" by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan is an authentic. Which book should I refer to if I need to learn Java the same way?
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    Photon as a wave packet

    When electromagnetic waves of different frequencies interact, they give rise to secondary wave structures called envelopes in which individual waveforms form at the rear and die out at the front. These envelopes are called groups and they travel with a velocity called group velocity and the...
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    Refractive Index of a metal

    When a light wave of the form E=E0eiω hits the surface of a metal, the refractive index if given(considering restoring force of metal atoms and damping equal to 0), by n2=1-p2/ω2 where p=plasma frequency and ω= frequency of the wave. In the case where n2<0, n is complex. and hence the light wave...
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    Paul Dirac's 1933 research paper

    Hello, can somebody give me the link to Paul Dirac's research paper(1933) which showed that if any magnetic charge exists, then electric charge is quantized?
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    What is magnetic potential energy?

    We know that a Magnetic field does no work. Then how does an inductor store energy (1/2 LI2)? When that stored energy is needed, it can be retrieved back and clearly it can be used to do some work. In a fix here.