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    GR, SR and the Sagnac effect question

    I've read in multiple locations that GR is necessary to properly explain a co-rotating perspective/observer of the experiment. Additionally, SR can explain the experience of non-inertial observer. The above two statements seem somewhat conflicting and leads to my question. Why is it that...
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    Oregon Vortex

    You can just google it so I won't get in trouble for linking to it. Anyone ever looked at it? It looks like just optical illusion silliness to me but is there any possibility of some other sort of thing going on? Was just wodering if anyone ever did anything meaningful there in the way of...
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    Muon Centrifuge question

    I'm speaking of the Muon decay experiment which showed no additional gravitationally related time effects in a centrifuge... Firstly does anyone have a real reference for the experiment? All I find are offhand mentions of it. The only identifying info I've gotten on it was that it was in 1966...
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    Medical There is no you. There is only me.

    I'm very familiar with the almost ubiquitous narcissitic delusion that people have of thier own conception of reality being reality's ultimate source. Does the inverse of this exist in many or any people at all? There is no me. There is only you. Are some people so dependant that they...
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    I'd like to post a link to debunk

    Can I post a link in here to debunk without being banned? Mentors keep taking my name literally and giving me extra love....
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    What evidences of relativity do you find the most compelling

    Just like to get an idea what most other people find to be the most important evidences. GPS, MMX, Stillwell-Ives, Pound-Rebka, Perihelion of Mercury? Go ahead and list a few of your favorites but rank them from most to least important in your mind. SR GR... You can separate them if you want...
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    Linear Vs Sagnac

    Okay I've got a question about the difference between the sagnac effect in an inertial and non-inertial environment. Let me give you an example to base the info off of. I want to make a really long linear sagnac-like arrangement to factor out any cross propagation. In the following example...
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    Circles and Acceleration

    If I take a perfectly rigid disk 10 miles in diameter and set it spinning at a constant speed. Is the constant acceleration an object experiences riding 5 feet from the center the same as it would be if it were 5 miles from the center? I know many other things would be different but I mean the...
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    Seeming Paradox

    What is the actual solution to the following supposed paradox? I haven't been able to put my finger on it yet. --- The Twins Doppler Paradox: The following is based upon the axiom that during a specific interval of emission time, a laser beam or some other cohesive reliable source of a...
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    Question about Proper Time and Rest Frame selection.

    An interesting time dilation experiment I thought of was to send a radio signal with two pulses a certain time apart to a receiver moving toward the emitter. I believe that the effect is that the accelerated reciever undergoes time dilation and would time the two pulses of light as closer...
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    Common Electrical misconceptions?

    Forgive me if I've fallen prey to random google searching but I was wondering if what this guy has to say has any bearing on reality. I know almost nothing about electrical engineering and something steered my surfing into that field so I happened upon the site. It is supposedly a list of...
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    Problem with G?

    Problem with G?? This tickled my fancy... anyone else heard anything like this before?? [Broken]
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    Is ZP Energy mainstream or crockery?

    Is the Casimir Effect generally accepted as some valid force that is as-yet not fully defined or is it still somewhat disputable? I know that Calphysics has gotten a research grant on ZP energy but is it a generally accepted part of science or still very theoretical and unproven? It seems...
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    Interferometer Question

    This is actually a copy of a thread I put in the Relativity forum because I figured interferometry was something of importance in that area but because the question is somewhat strange and might require direct experience I thought I'd copy it in here as well to see if someone might know...
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    Interferometer Question

    Please correct me if/where I'm wrong in my understanding of the following (laymans terms) explanation and question: A michelson interferometer like used in 1887 works off a basic principle of having the same beam of light arrive at the same place slightly behind/ahead of itself. We are able...