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    Linear Algebra, polynomial question. Please help!

    Could someone help me with this question? Because I'm stuck and have no idea how to solve it & it's due tomorrow :( Let S be the following subset of the vector space P_3 of all real polynomials p of degree at most 3: S={p∈ P_3 p(1)=0, p' (1)=0} where p' is the derivative of p...
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    Partial differential equation-delta Dirac& Heaviside function!

    I got 2 questions to ask! I have finished one but not sure if it's correct so I need to double check with someone :) [Broken] Here is my worked solution, I took this picture with my S4 and I wrote is very neatly as I could! The reason I didn't type...
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    Vector calculus for ellipse in polar coordinates

    Hello =] I'm having trouble with this question, can somebody please help me with it! I'll thanks/like your comment if help me =) ![Question][1] I know that for a ellipse the parametric is x=a sin t , b= b cos t t:0 to 2pi (?) for part a) I drew up the graph but not sure if it's...
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    Subspace theorem; differential equation for a subspace

    I can't seem to work out this question because it's so weird The set F of all function from R to R is a vector space given the diffential equation f"(x)+3f'(x)+x^2 f(x) = sin(x) is a subspace of F? Justify your answer I know that we have to proof that it's non-empty 0. The zero vector has to...